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Can thyroid problems cause your eyes to feel dry?  One of my eyes is red and inflammed on the top lid.  They are both sore to touch.  Twice I've been awakened by the sensation I am choking.  I don't understand this.  Of course there is nothing in my mouth when I get up, but it sure does feel like it at the time.  Could this be thyroid related also?  Or should I look into thoughs seizures that happen at night?  Does anyone have pain in neck that radiates to jaw and into ear when laying down?  I blamed that on the dx, but I don't know.  What do you all think.  Its freezing here in VA.  
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I had dry eyes and pressure in my eyes, but I have graves. The feeling of something in your throat is normal with thyriod problems ... you probably have a nodule.I would tell your Dr. all the issues you are having.
And i agreee it is FREEZING IN VA!!!!
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Inflammation of the eye tissues. The eyes are painful, red and watery - particularly in sunshine or wind. The covering of the eye is inflamed and swollen.
The lids and tissues around the eyes are swollen with fluid. The eyeballs bulge out of their sockets. Because of eye muscle movement, the eyes are unable to move normally and there may be blurred or double vision.

One characteristic symptom is a protrusion of the eye (exophthalmoses), in which the person appears to be staring or the eyelids tend to pull back from the eye. The tissues and muscles around the eye appear swollen, and this swelling (or edema) contributes to the eye protruding. In this state the eye can become dangerously dry, resulting in damage to or ulceration of the cornea, the clear outer covering of the eye. The person may also experience double vision. In severe cases, the optic nerve connecting the eye to the brain may become damaged, leading to blindness.

If you are currently hyperthyroid, the slightly larger-looking eyes might be due to excessive levels of thyroid hormone. High levels can cause the muscles of the upper eyelid to pull back, tighten/retract. Once normal levels of hormone are managed again this retraction often goes away. Mine did not!

Your throat, jaw, ear issue might be problematic nodule and you should have it checked out to make sure its not cancerous.
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