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saw my ent yesterday about low calcium

Thanks so much for your posts, this is scary stuff....I saw my ent yesterday about the horrible contractions in my legs and lower abdomen. He said last Friday my calcium level was 8.1 but Friday night is when the cramps started. In the hospital after my first surgery to remove the right lobe of my thyroid my calcium dropped to the low 7's he wouldn't let me go home. I  never had a cramp or anything in the hospital to let me know the calcium had dropped., Last week I KNEW what was happening, I am eating lots of calcium chews and taking massive doses of vitamin D along with calcium pills and the rocaltrol (sp?) I had gastric bypass 6 years ago and I only absorb calcium citrate,,,,,normally after massive doses it will come back up to at least 8.1 which was what it was last Friday when the cramps started. I had the test done early Fri AM and Fri night about 11pm the cramps started. I hate to think what is was Sunday and Monday when I was in so much pain,,,,,,I thought I would die,,,,,he didn't get another blood test yesterday,I go Monday to get another calcium blood test. He is trying to get me an appointment with an endocronoligist. She has to see my files first before she will agree to see me and it might be 2 months before I get an appt with her.   The gastric bypass really throws a curve into the treatment....I think my surgeon, the ENT is at a loss at what to do with me....He is worried but doesn't know what to do. I am about to e-mail my gastric bypass DR and see what he thinks. it would be nice to have a calcium injection but I have never heard of it. I just know that I have never been in so much pain in my life,,,,The DR tapped on the sides of my face and said my eyes and face  twitched which was a classic sign of calcium deficiency. He just doesn;t now what to do,,,,,
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Hello again! Have you had your PTH (parathyroid hormone level) measured, to see how your parathyroids are functioning? If so, what are your levels? (The face-tapping thing has a name, I've forgotten what; it does indicate calcium problems. However, some people have the twitch without the deficiency--a doctor in the hospital told me that, and demonstrated how she herself had the twitch, but no calcium problems).  It's good that you are gathering as much information as possible, from many sources.  Have you tried forums for gastric bypass patients? You might find others with the same problem, and get some valuable anecdotal information.  I've done a bit of research on calcium absorption, and found studies that say that high-fiber foods tend to hinder absorption because they hurry the calcium through the body too quickly. I found one study that says to avoid whole grains, esp. whole wheat bread. You might try cutting back a bit on whole grains, if you eat a lot of them. Of course, it flies in the face of current nutrition guides, which tell us to avoid white bread!  Also, you could try eating more yogurt and high calcium foods, since the body absorbs calcium in food more readily than calcium supplements.
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Hi! they checked my parathyroid hormone Friday, but the DR doesn't have the report back yet on it. It normally runs about 135 which is horribly high,,,,, the pathology report said they found one parathyroid embedded in my left lobe, the DR said he implanted one back in my neck tissue when he took the right lobe,,,I hope the PTH is down...but I just don't know ...I am anxious to find out. This is so crazy,,,,
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