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I was just informed that I have not one but "at least three" masses on my thyroid.  I am soooo nervous about it!  My biggest fear is, of course, that they may be cancer....maybe that is far fetched???  I don't know...I am told I will have to have a biopsy....has anyone had one?  How do they work?  I am wondering if a biopsy is the removal of the entire mass or just a portion for testing.....anyone have any light to shed on the subject?
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I know how scared you are. I'm a thyca survivor.  The most important thing to know about thyroid nodules is 95% are benign.  A biopsy on your thyroid is called a fine needle aspiration (FNA).  It's sounds scary but for most people it's a relatively painless procedure.  For mine, they deaden my neck with lidocaine then insert a needle guided by a sonogram to extract cells from the nodules.  I had 4 nodules and was "poked" 4 times. BTW...multiple nodules on your thyroid is not uncommon.   I felt pressure from the needle but no pain.  The hardest part is waiting for the results, but like I said 95% of thyroid nodules are benign.  If you have any more questions, ask away.  We're all here to help.
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Welcome - we are here for you.

Here's a wonderful web site that I found that taught me a lot about that little evil butterfly-shaped gland otherwise known as the THYROID:  http://www.endocrineweb.com/thyroid.html

Being scared is perfectly normal but, like MJ13 said, 95% of them are benign!  You'll hear some scary stuff on this forum because most of us here are cancer/autoimmune disorder survivors.  You've kind of got a jaded audience here.   *BUT*  we have lots of experience and advise.  Ask away, you are among friends.

papillary carcinoma survivor! (and then some!)
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One more thing . . . do you have a good endocrinologist who specializes in thyroids?  You'll want to find one.
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It's normal to be scared - as you have heard.  The best advise I can give you - along w/ everyone else's comments is ------  don't panic.  As you have heard most of the time it's nothing.  If it is cancer - you should be relieved that they found it.  Believe me you are in a win, win situation.  As utahmomma mentioned ... FIND A GOOD DR. that will make all the difference in the world.  Let me refraise that  FIND THE BEST DR. IN YOUR AREA.  This forum is  a great way to relieve some fears and get some questions answered.  You are talking w/ people from all over the place that have delt w/ these situations.  

I myself am a cancer survivor and remember when I first discovered a lump in my throat.  I didn't think much of it b/c I had a goiter previously.  When I found out that it was cancer I freaked but not toooooooo much b/c I knew I could have surgery and I would do my best to take care of the problem. Everything didn't  turn out as I expected but at least as of today - no cancer detected and back to somewhat of a normal life.  Some days there is panic and depression, but every day is a new day and much to be thankful for.

I was told and I believe it to be true... If you are going to get any cancer - Papillary Carcenoma is the best one to get. It's treatable and often very good results.

Please don't jump the gun, have faith and don't worry about something you are not sure you have.  The truth is that as the mentioned "95%" are benign... that's not an exagerated guess - that's a fact!

Stay strong and keep us posted.  Faith is the last thing you loose in this world.

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I agree with all of the above ......... the waiting is the worst .. waiting for the results is stressful -- but the odds are in your favor!  I had 2 nodules ... the FNA wasn't bad at all .. a root canal is worse (the novacaine needle) the FNA is more like pressure and it is done 1-2-3.

It is a big {{{shock}}}} to fnid out about a mass(es) in your thyroid .. mine were detected at a routine physical ... and all my labs were normal.

Keep us posted .. we are all here for you!


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THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!  I feel so much better ....I am sick and tired of being sick and tired that's for sure....so I agree...to know is better than not knowing!!!

A little off subject but just to vent a little...the Dr. that I was seeing before I found my new WONDERFUL doctor told me he thought it would be better not to be diagnosed with anything and because the medicine he gave me was improving my symptoms somewhat that he had cured me....I SWEAR THAT'S WHAT HE SAID...CURED ME!!!!  I don't think so!  That was the last time I stepped in his office!!  

So I guess the next step is to start searching for an  endocrinologist, my neurologist was the one that accidentally discovered the mass through an mri.

Can anyone suggest an endocrinologist for Indianapolis, Indiana or surrounding areas?

Wow, thanks again for caring and helping!
Hugs to all,
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