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sinus problems

Does anyone have a problem with swollen turbinates in nose? My TSH levels are up and I am experiancing clogged ear with what ENT says swollen turbinates. She put me on a nasal spray and it hasn't helped. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem.
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You know, I'm really not sure. However, I absolutely love NeilMed Sinus Rinses. It's helped me an unbelievable bunch.
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I agree with Rachel4 concerning Neil rinse, I've alway's had major nostril swelling.  After using Neil sinus rinse, it disappeared.  The key is patience.  Do not expect it to work overnight, cause I did the first time and gave up.  

I tried it again, only this time I was persistent, rinsining my nose 3-4 times a day, for a few weeks, it took between 2-3 weeks, before I actually started feeling the results daily, and was able to breathe fresh air, through my nose.  Once again, the key is patience & persistence.  

Now I just use Saline nose spray.  

Good luck to you !
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My TSH has been slightly elevated as of late (~5.5) and I had a nasal polyp show up on my MRI in early November 2008. I actually just went to the doctor's office yesterday complaining of an earache that I've felt for the past week. The doctor told me to just take Sudafed, and wasn't concerned that it was a bacterial infection of any sort.

I'm already using a nasal spray daily for my allergies, so I guess it didn't prevent a nasal polyp from forming, or earaches/sinus infections from occurring.

You're definitely not alone...if you figure out a good way to fix this problem, let me know!
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Thanks for the responses,

I am assuming Neilmed rinse is the same as using a netti pot. I have been doing these 2x a day for the past couple of weeks along with my nasal spray.

Jules: can you tell me what it feels like to have a polyp?  When i try to breathe I can feel my neck muscles tighten up like the air isn't getting in right and there is something stopping it. It's making my neck muscles hurt and I think I have post nasal drip that keeps getting in my  throat because I keep having to spit it out. no runny nose or or eyes or anything just a congested feeling in my nostrils, throat, and ear. It's very strange.

I put a call into my pcp to ask for an antibiotic just in case so we'll see what happens from there.

You all said patience so I guess I have another week to see if it gets better. Thanks so much for the advice.

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I just wanted to say that when I was hypo, I had severe problems breathing.  B4 thyroid cancer was found, I went to an ENT who, when she looked at my CT scan, asked if I had problems breathing because my nasal passage ways were very narrow to start with.  Being hypo for RAI nearly killed me.  Since I've been getting regulated with my meds, I don't seem to have that problem anymore at all.  It's almost been hard getting used to breathing through my nose at night again!  And usually this time of year, I have horrible allergies to trees.  So far nothing (knock on wood!)  Euthyroid been berry berry good to me! (VERY OLD Saturday Night Live reference there...sorry to all the youngins out there...)
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I have the same issues.  They appear when I am hypo and nose is constantly congested.  The rinse really helps but like someone said it takes time.  I wonder if my symptoms are adrenal related?  
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Wow that's great to hear (not that you suffer with it too but that it could be a hypo problem that may resolve itself when my levels get better).

I remember the "old saturday night live" it was so much better back then.

I suppose I will just suffer along with these symptoms too and see if they resolve. It sort of feels like when I was hyper and was getting anxiety but yet it is  a different kind of feeling. All I know is that sometimes it makes me feel anxious when you don't feel like you are getting that good breath and then I'm afraid I may hyperventalate myself. haha.

Thanks for the info. Did you use the nasal spray when it bothered you and if so how long until it let up?
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