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smoking and not smoking

i have been a smoker for 20 years, lets start off with that. i feel fine and have all the energy in the world. i am a mom of four children and run a daycare out of my home.i have never had to be on any medications for any disorders or anything in my hole life.now heres where my messed up situation happens. last year i quit smoking for 6 months. i realize i wouldnt feel the best for the first few months and excepted that.but what happen was really upsetting and confusing. not only did i have no and i mean no energy i was gaining weight fast. i went to my regular yearly physical about 4 months after quitting.she then noticed that my thyroid was enlarged and did some tests. when the doc. called back she told me i had a underactive thyroid and needed to see a specialist. now, myself being me said ya right. i dont have anything wrong with me and i am not going to that dr..  i would say about 6 months of not smoking and i couldnt take it, i still felt lousy. so i started again and about two or three days later felt amazingly wonderful !! my 20 pounds i had gained in the past 6 months was off in a matter of a month. i had all my energy back and life was fine. so i went to my physical this year and told my dr. who was upset i didnt go last year to the specialist that i would go. she gave me the papers for the tests and i had the bloodwork done. went to the specialist and she tells me the numbers are great.that my thyroid is just a little enlarged, and she would have to moniter it every year. so i go back next yearto have the numbers checked again. what i know is when i smoke i feel good and dont have a thyroid problem. when i dont smoke my thyroid does not work right and i will need meds to correct my problem. now of course i am aware that smoking is bad for your health but i feel physically good when doing so. its a choice i am going to have to make. that choice is smoke and feel fine or feel like **** and gain weight even though my diet doesnt change and on top of that have to start taking medicine. what to do ???  why is this happening ?? have you ever heard that smoking helps thyroid disorders ??  i want to quit again but dont want the conciqiences.
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Smoking actually increases your risk of developing thyroid disease. Every link you find that lists risk factors for developing a thyroid disease lists smoking as a risk factor.

I say that as a smoker of 35 years now.

I can't explain any of what you have experienced other than to say I feel it is coincidental. It's possible that stopping smoking stressed your system to the point it threw off your hormones. If that's true, another stressor will come along eventually and do the same thing.

Stress is suspected of contributing to the onset of thyroid problems, although I don't think there is medical proof to back up that theory. Just enough bits of data here and there to make it seem likely.

I plan on quiting eventually, but it doesn't motivate me when my wife says she still has cravings after a year of not smoking, and she expects the craving will never go away.

I do my best not to smoke around her or where she will smell it. My GP says I should quit, maybe after I get off the anxiety meds. LOL!
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Nicotine is a stimulant.  Hence, it would increase your metabolism and cause you to lose weight, plus give you energy.  You probably feel like *&*^ when you are not smoking because you've been smoking for 20 years.  It's an addiction and your body is adjusting to not having the drug.  I'm also assuming you enjoy smoking so you feel better when you're doing something you enjoy, right?

Why don't you get assistance with quitting next time.....Doctor....support group....etc. so you can get help getting through the rough patches.  When you're feeling lousy, go out for a walk and get the endorphines moving and you'll feel better plus naturally increase your metabolism.

Good luck....it is the best decision.
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Stopping smoking is probably the no.1 best thing you could do for your long term health, period.  If you could see the gunk it builds up on your lungs, it's horrible.  There is no worse way to do away with yourself than with emphysema.  I have two friends who are going through that now.  It is awful for the person as well as the family to have to watch.  Stopping is not easy, but it is always possible.  Use whatever help needed to get it done.  I was a 2 1/2 pack a day smoker until I got married and decided it was time to quit.  Yes, I had withdrawal for some time, but it does diminish with time until you don't even think about it, unless someone lights up.  And then you hate the smell and fumes and you wonder how why you ever did that to yourself.   I should also point out what a bad example it ijs to other members of your family  (children or grandchildren ) Believe me there are far better ways to keep your metabolism up and your weight down.  If you have a hypothyroid  problem, that needs to be addressed right away.  You will find lots of help and empathy on this forum.  Good luck.  
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So what is so bad about taking a little pill compared to the expense of smoking? I say this as a former smoker,throidless,bi polar person that used smoking to deal with the stressers in my life. yeah I still want to smoke and yeah I didnt want to gain any more weight so I made major lifestyle changes to adress this,
I make sure I have healthy food in the house when I feel like ransacking the kitchen.
I exercise at least 30 min a day.
I have lost from 214 last fall to 175 as of today..
Those of us who smoke can find hundreds of reasons not to quit. I decided to find hundreds of reasons to quit. Its all about quality of life.    quality of life is better without smoking than with smoking.
Please dont let your enlarged thyroid get out of hand like mine did. It grew below my sternum and I had to have it taken out by cutting through it was so big and it just happened to have cancer in it.
the quit smoking forum is great too. There is lots of support and caring folks over there as well.
BTW I got hypnotized. last November. I have  fallen off the wagon a couple of times but over all the hypnotist was worth every penny I spent.

Blessed Be
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How on earth did you manage to lose all that weight??  I quit smoking in Aug 2007, but before that even, I had started to gain lots of weight.  I had to quit smoking because of the growth of excess tissue on my vocal cords which caused me to have to have 2 surgeries to get rid of, as I could barely talk anymore.  Just about the time I quit smoking, I was diagnosed with vitamin B12 deficiency because I was exhausted all the time.  I was started on shots, but the weight gain had started some months before that.  The B12 shots helped some, but not nearly enough.  I was still exhausted, gaining weight, hair falling out - classic low thyroid symtoms, but that wasn't diagnosed for almost a year (June 2008).  I was started on 100 mcg synthroid, retested in Sep and dropped down to 88 mcg synthroid/daily.  I diet and exercise daily (between exercise at work and my workouts, I average 2-3 hrs/day) and I can't lose an ounce.  In fact, just in the past 24 hrs, my scale says I gained 2 lbs.  I center my diet on fruits, veggies, whole grains, etc.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  By the way - even though it's been over a year since I quit smoking, I was prescribed Chantix to help with the tobacco craving and it did work. I have only recently started craving again, but I think most of the time I crave it because I used to handle stress with a cigarette and now I'm so frustrated with not being able to budge any of this weight, the natural solution is to smoke.  My husband also quit for 6 months and started again.  I'm struggling with it.  
Thanks for any help
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How is your doctor making decisions regarding your thyroid situation?  Is he/she basing it entirely on TSH?  Has your free T4 and free T3 been checked?  How is your normal temperature  compared to people without hypothyroidism?  It should be close to the normal of 98.6.  With this kind of info and your personal symptoms you can at least make an informed decision about your thyroid medication level.
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