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sudden neck (thyroid?) pain at night

Two nights in a row I woke up gasping for air, sweaty, and had a lot of pain (not soreness but PAIN) below my adams apple on the right side. It took about 30 seconds for the pain to settle down to just sore and tight. I had night reflux in the past and this is different (plus no liquid sloshing up my throat). Throat tightness and the lump feeling I have had before and I tried to just ignore it, was bothersome but not painful.

I am new on Armour, was liking it, but between this and feeling my heart at night, I lowered the amount on my own. Doc wont do labs till 6th week on Armour. Now, two days after the night pain, my throat is still sore, and It is not from a cold. I will ask my endo for the 'neck scan'; wish me luck.

This was real 'pain'; is my thyroid going wacko from too much Armour? Was this some sort of thyroid attack? This was a little freaky, much worse than just tightness in the throat. Any experience with this would help.

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I agree that it is time for ultrasound of your neck and thyroid.
I myself get a lot of unusual feeling and pain in my thyroid area....I am Hashi patient. Very annoying and scarey at times when it happens.
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I am having exactly the same signes and I haven't visited doc yet. Please let me know what was the diagnosis that time.
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