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symptom questions

Ive noticed over the past few  years that my speech is slured and i connot preanounce words like i once was able to. Has anyone else had these problems with a thyroid disorder?Or is this a sign or more than that, like a pituitary problem or something else. My tsh is now about in the 1-2 range and i still dont feel right on armour and i never felt right on levothyroxine.My body just doesnt seem to cope well with these meds.What are the signs of thyroid cancer or putuitary problems or other problems realed to my symptoms. Something just doesnt seem right beyond the fact of this thyroid condtion. I meet with an endo for the first time on wendsday and need to have an idea of what i might expect in my case.Im kinda just vesting here, but maybee someone has had some similar things going on that they solved and could give me more info.Thanks.
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Write it all out and maybe even take advantage of our thyroid tracker to show your endo!!!!!

There usually are no signs of cancer .. most are felt on exam or picked up with an ultrasound (nodules that is).  Usually bloodwork is all normal.

On the speech I am not sure but definitely talk to your doc on it and keep us posted!


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When on Armour, it should be adjusted by the free t4 and free t3, not by the TSH. That may be your problem. You are most likely not on enough Armour.
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You would be suprised on what can happen with thyroid problems. I can't say for sure - but Yes slurred speech could be a sign of hypothyroidism. -

Everyone component slows down within the body.

I remember when I was extremely hypo - I felt at times words didn't come out of my mouth the way I wanted them to. I felt slow along with forgetful.

I know you have expressed your Armour dosage and you are not finding the right amount yet to get you out of hypohe// -

It will come - just be your best advocant on this situation. You can find what you need to get yourself out of this.  

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I've had the same speach problems for over a year. Clear pronuniciation takes concentration. Even with concentration I sometimes slur.

I have trouble speaking loudly enough.

Another problem is just spitting it out. Sometimes whoever I'm talking to starts thinking "get to the point!". I know they are, because that's what I'm thinking. LOL!

Hemming and hawing looking for the word that was there a second ago or trying to communicate a thought that requires more than one sentence.

But yes, to be understood clearly takes concentration and effort.

The fact that I'm drugged half out of my gourd has nothing to do with it. (!!!!!)

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I have had the same speech problem for quite some time now.  I am in a group with you.  I have been having the same issue for some time now.  Its a good thing that most of the people I know can read my mind, otherwise we would be all night trying to figure out what I wanna say.  When I'm speaking, it almost sounds like a litany.  I just keep trying to get it out and most will patiently wait.    AR, I do a lot of hemming and hawing too.  I  thought it was just me.
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Wow, I thought this was just me with another weird symtom.Im glad im not alone here and others can relate. Havent really heard of anyone talk about this before here so it kinda had me stuck.Its amazing how much this little gland in our neck can really screw us up huh.lol.Right now im just trying to keep my hope up that i next week my endo can kinda sort things out.Until then im still going crazy. But laughing about it at the same time.Thanks for the responces everyone.
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