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I have a quick question?  LOL  Is dizzyness, lightheaded, feeling of brain swimming a symptom of Hypothyroidism and Hashmotos?  I can't seem to find an answer to this.  One other thing I can't type as good as I used too.  Could this be brain fog or concentration problem also related to the thyroid?
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The answer to both is yes!  
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Thanks.  I felt like I was going crazy.  I couldn't get the endo to give me a straight answer.  He hasn't even returned my phone call from the other day.  I'm sooooo frustrated.  The symptoms just seem to be getting worse even though the labs are so called normal except for the antibody which is greater than a 1000 I think.  What about blurred vision and forgetfulness

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Dizziness can be a symptom of hypothyroidism. It's not as common as some other symptoms. I have a few references that state that it is if you want them.

I have personal experience with dizziness and undiagnosed hypo for the last 13 years! Dizziness is much better since starting Synthroid.

I had trouble concentrating and blurred vision before diagnosis.
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Welcome to hypohell!  :-(   Yes, it's brain fog.  I had it so bad that I was at a green stoplight and I forgot what I was supposed to do!   Thank goodness the well-meaning people in line behind me honked to remind me (jerks).

Make lists - that was the only thing that got me through it!
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Thanks I guess.  Even though the levels are all normal this is still what u guys call hypohell?  I don't understand how to get through this.  I'm just complaining about some symptoms and you guys always come through for me.  Thanks.  I wish there was something I go do for you guys, cause I know that you all have more medical problems than I do.  How do you do it, keep your head above water that is.
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Could I please get a reply to this, please.  I'm desperate?!
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