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synthroid vs generic

I take synthroid and was wondering if the generic is just as good? Someone told me to never take the generic so I pay extra for the name brand. TIA!
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Personally I stick to the brand name. My thryoid levels used to change a lot more with the generics. My endo told me to do brand name too. After calling insurance too I found out that I could do mail order for $10 for a 3 month supply. That ended up saving me more than the generic cost. The fillers in the meds can change and that is the part you need to worry about. Talk to the pharmacist, they helped me out a lot. They told me to try it and if you see a change then you know!!
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the generic is just as good but will require some time getting used to it. i started on synthroid and then switched since the generic was free and it took a few weeks to level out.  you can google --the difference between brand name and generic thyroid meds ard you will read about the tne percent difference either way.   im not paying fourty dollars a month for the rest of my life when i can get it free so i had alot of motivation to make it work--  and it did.
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