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synthroid vs. generic

Just a note to support all those who have warned against generic vs. name brand thyroxine. I posted here a couple weeks ago thinking my dosage was off only to find out the generic substitute was the culprit all along. Back on Synthroid and, most important, back to normal.
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I had the same problem and found the same solution.  I'm glad that you got it figured out and are back to normal.
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Could you explain what your symptoms were?  I haven't heard anything regarding generic vs. namebrand.
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Cold extremities, inability to sweat even after strenuous exercise, allergies, brittle fingernails, aching joints(although my Dr. says that has nothing to do with it). Pretty much classic symptoms of hypothyroid. It seemed I couldn't get enough thyroxine in my system. Kept increasing dosage thinking I would ultimately get to the right level. I am not saying this applies to everyone and I was refusing to accept that generic was not "as good as" name brand. I am now a believer. Having said that, I will probably still buy Costco brand Ibuprofen. ;-)
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I haven't had any of those and I am on levothyroxine - but I will keep that in mind.  Thanks for the info!
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If levothyroxine is working for you, great!  For many it works beautifully.  For my family and me we *have* to be on Synthroid or we get very hypo.  Others can't take Synthroid.  It's all crazy and many will tell you it's all in our heads but I disagree - some of us are very sensitive to specific medications.  

Just don't get between me and my Synthroid.  :-)
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As I stated, I have always assumed generics were "equivalent" and never had any reason to question that belief until my experience with generic Synthroid. It may just be the brand my druggist carries. I, like you, will not try it again. Life is way to short, especially without a Thyroid. )
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