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t3 generic fillers v brand cytomel fillers

hi everyone i'm still here following posts every day. have not been so well.  does anyone know if the fillers in generic t3 liothyronine are the same as the fillers in the brand cytomel- i feel much better when i take the t3 but after a week my stomach is so bad i have to quit it.i can't find filler info been searching. i'm trading symptoms for symptoms.  trying to hang in but beem depressed- its been so long and so tired of it all.  thank you for your suport-and info.
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Good to hear from you, even though the news isn't good...

Just a guess (I didn't see a lot of info on ingredients on the net, either), but the different drug companies usually have their own formulas and fillers.  I can't remember if you're on generic or not, but if you are, the fillers might vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.  One of the issues with generics is that you can get them at the same pharmacy, but they vary from time to time depending on who the supplier is at that moment.

Whether you are on Cytomel or generic, the quickest way to find out might be switching to the other.

Also, unlike T4 meds, T3 doesn't have to be taken on an empty stomach.  Have you tried taking it with a little food to buffer the effects on your tummy?
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so good to hear from you again friend.  am on generic lio and no matter where its from it messes me up.  guess the next step is the brand which is expensive for me the generic is free.  tried taking the t3 every other day but stomach probs still. hate to switch & pay if the fillers are the same.  hope all is well for you.
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What dosage are you on?  What kind of stomach issues are you having? Could it be that your dose is higher than you need?  Do you take your whole dose at once or split it throughout the day?

Of course, we are all different and meds affect us each differently, but I've been on generic T3 for almost 2 yrs and do fine; however, when I first began taking it, I was on a higher dosage and also had stomach issues.  Once the dosage was cut back, I no longer had the issues.

Can you post your latest labs, along with the reference ranges from your lab report?
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I have been on thyroid med since 1994, i think i have tried just about all of them,was on Armour Thyroid now my insurance want let me have it, couldn't really tell it did anythig for me tho. Now i am on brand name Synthroid a little expensive but they also want me to take cytomel very expensive haven't tried it yet just the Synthroid. It seems my weight keeps going up no matter what i am on, it is so frustrating. I wish they would make one med that could control the thyroid and keep your weight from bouncing out of control. Does anybody have any pointers on the weight loss? thanks Mary
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I had AI reactions to avicel/cellulose and propylene glycol (poisonous) fillers in the premade thyroid meds. Once I changed to a natural T3/T4 thyroid compound with a small amount of sucrose-only as the filler (in a veggie cap)  I do great. (Plus my LDN with a sucrose filler is amazing for me). Just my own experience.
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