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terri thyroid

This isn't a question - just read on Mary Shoman's website she thinks Oprah will be doing her show on Tuesday 10/16/07 on Thyroid problems - she is having Dr. Christiane Northrup on and she may be discussing this issue - watch the show if you can - I know I am anxious to see what information comes up - if anyone else has heard this or has knowledge about this please post - thanks
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Is Oprah Hyper/Hypo or Graves etc???
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From what Mary Shoman said @ her site it sounds like hypo but I don't know more than that - I googled Oprah & thyroid and a few links came up re: this topic w/ her so see what you think.
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Makes you wonder.... has she always had thryoid probelms...weight yo-yoing for years etc. Was same for me.
I read somewhere that many people go undiagnosed for years & years. And once diagnosed ... how can the dic determine what your normal thyroid range  is , as before finding your levels were not right, you were not being tested regularly when you were well.
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I found this petition on net when I was looking up thyroid info.
You may want to sign it..its to get thyroid patients better treatment & diagnosis.

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that is the link for the "preview" of Tuesday's show.  Not sure if its about thyroid issues or not? Maybe you who saw today's show have a better idea.
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don't know if it will be but Oprah has been mentioning thyroid issues on another show so Mary Shoman thinks this may be what it's about since Christiane Northrup speaks about thyroid issues - hope she's right - I'd like to see this addressed - t
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20 minutes into the show and Oprah has only referred to "blowing out her thyroid" once (what does that mean anyway???)  Doesn't look to be a thyroid oriented show though.  Still holding onto hope that it will be.
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