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testosterone, estrodiol and progestrone fine,the dhea and tsh are only two thing that are out of wack so far i am not on birthcontrol i had a hysterectomy in 07. my thyroid is enlarged and hurts to touch. i also had a 24 hour urine free test which the results are not back on yet. i forgot to add migraines to the symptoms.

thanks for the help  and info. its nice to have someone to talk to about all this im so stressed and nobody seems to understand why i can let this get to me!!
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Pleas post your actual results (and the normal ranges).  We need more info for us to comment.

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dhea 1369
tsh .03
cholesterol 244
these are the only numbers i know other than that everything else is in normal range thats as much as i know. have to get more blood work tomorrow for t4free, t3free, tsh 3rd generation, and tsh receptor antibody. I now know that i need to get print outs of all lab results for my records and will request them from my gp and endo tomorrow
oh and i have a radioactive thyroid scan on wednesday
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Remember to post the reference ranges too since labs vary.  Members can comment more completely if the reference range is known, not just that it was normal.
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well as i stated before these are the only numbers i know sorry
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Mel - Weren't you the one I talked to about acne and testosterone?
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