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thyrogen cost

Hi I'm 43 yr old female I live in nys, that had my thyroid removed and it had papallari and folicular cancer last April.  I had to stop my synthroid for 6 six in june to have the RAI scan.  Now I have to have the scan again, I have opted for the Thyrogen injections instead of becoming hypo again.  Do insurance companies cover the thyrogen?

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There is older post about this and I thought thatanother person said when thier INSURANCE bill came it showed the cost of $900. That posting we were talking about what the cost of the shots were because I do not have Ins. and my Doc. had said that they cost $3000 each, so...I went for the Hypohell which I am starting now. So based on their response I would say that at least it appeared that their insurance covered the cost.
Best thing to do is ask your Ins. company.
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I am like you and will be doing the Thyrogen shot in June. My Oncology office already contacted me about my insurance and my Rx coverage is helping pay for part of the shot. I have to pay a co-pay of $100 for the shot. My medical coverage was playing the fight game with the Rx on which one should cover it? So my suggestion is to call your insurance and ask them if they cover it at all? Good luck.
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I learned a little tip for dealing with my ins. co.  When they deny something or say it is not a covered expense,  ask for a "gap exception".  
I have been known to cry on the phone while talking to an ins. representative.  That too is quite effective.
So explain to the ins. rep. how horribly sick you get without the synthroid and ask if they would PLEASE cover the thyrogen shots.
Personally, I think it is absolutely rediculous to have to call and ask. "Mother May I?".
Whatever works.
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When I had Thyrogen in 2006 I was told it was not covered and would cost a little over $1700.00.  I asked to appeal and they covered 50%. In 2007 and 2008 I had a new company and they covered 80%.  I now have a new company and will find out next month if they cover, and how much.  Our provincial government has recently started covering the cost for people without insurance.
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