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thyroid and anxiety

Oh my its been a long time since  I posted. I have had panic attacks off and on for well over 10 years.
Evrey symptom imaginable. My body has been checked from pillar to post. I started taking thyroid meds about 4 months ago and it seemed to really help my palps and waking up with tach in the middle of the night. But this week I have started waking up, can almost sense it in my dream and boom my heart will zoom  and will most of the time settle down.

Tonight it feels like I have a pain in my groin area of my right leg and then the tingly feeling comes over my body . I took a 1/2 of a alparzolam. What is freaking me out is my leg has never felt this way before. I am telling myself its the adrenaline, the anxiety etc. but of course I am thinking blood clot, um you name it, it rolls through my head.

I hope some one will comment............it is right before my cycle, I am 46. I have hasimoto thyroiditis.
So really know I am okay. Need to balance life more and relax more.

Thanks for your help.
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Me again my last tsh about 4 weeks ago was 5.13 up from 2.84. My antibodies are well over 1300.
I am on 25mg levoxyl up from 12.5. I know small dose but I am very sensitive to all meds. I should also add I have had  a lot of hip/joint pain lately. Yesterday I had a tingly , zappy  shoulder/bicep. It is thyroid he==double toothpicks.....you gotta laugh, cuz this stuff can drive you nuts. I went through months this past fall with the mid heart racing. Anyways a bit of sleep would be nice.....is 2am here in the northwest.

Again thanks for your help and for listening, it is very lonely sometimes.............you don't want to bother people, etc.

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Welcome to the forum.Anxiety can really interfere with a good quality of life and especially when we are going through this thyroid ****. Are you on anything for your anxiety? I ask because I am bipolar and I take 2 meds to be stable .Anxiety was one of my many problems but the meds and therapy and exercise have gotten under control.Its taken awhile but it can be managed.
you can come here and post anytime .The forum is great and it so helps to be able to talk with others that are going through this as well.
Love Venora
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Hi KelleBelle,

    I had a panic attack in March and found out shortly thereafter that I had silent thyroiditis.  I know the feeling you're talking about in your legs.  Was it in your hamstrings, kind of like an adrenal shooting feeling?  The insomnia is another classic symptom I think of thyroiditis.  Did you do the RAI?  My antibodies were 838 where <35 is normal .
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Venora moonwind, I love that name. Yes, I am on meds for anxiety I take klonopin and tropol )beta blocker, as well as celexa. I was diagnosed 3 years ago with hasimotos. My tsh just started acting up last summer. Thanks for the support, has been a rough day, work is busy so I know my body is telling me to relax. It is nice to have some where to go, my husband is not very supportive.

Amir- I have not had an RAI my new endo seems to think my goiter is not there anymore and that my thyroid feels crunchy and is dying off. I have had this type of insomina before and I think that may be it is my thyroid acting up and dumping. It is so confusing. My groin pain was inside of my upper right thigh, near the pelvic bone really strange. Now my ribs hurt .....go figure. Well off to bed to relax. Sweet dreams to all.
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I just want to tell you that you are not alone..I have Graves and Hashimoto's , sometimes it feels like you've been flung against a brick wall, or your muscles are to weakto hold you up...I had RAI May 18 and am doing better, not great, but lots better. The anxiety often is worse than the pain, but does get better. After RAI I have only had a couple adreniline rushes, I too was getting them in the middle of the night, my dr felt this was being caused by my thyroid overacting, now that it's dying off those have subsided immensley, I still get a bit hyper in the mornings and am generally exhausted early evenings. I seem to be unable to sleep past 5 am no matter what time I go to bed, our TSH increases between 4 and 10 am and I believe we feel it when  our thyroids are screwed up. With the mixed symptoms you are having I would insists that your doctor run antibodies for Graves also. it is hard for husbands to understand, sometimes I believe it's denial because it's something they can't fix..or see. Most of the time my husbands pretty supportive, sometimes when my levels are off I am just touchy and think he doesn't care, or no-one cares or understands (the emotional, touchy end, but in reality they do) . My TSH three weeks ago was 25.44, and I felt pretty crummy, also I am 43 and the symptoms are horrible before my cycle too, that's mostly when I get palips too, and pain everywhere.  I only take synthroid now, was on Beta Blocker for a bit, but didn't need it 4 weeks  after RAI, for me RAI was the best choice, I was on a rollercoaster that wouldn't stop.
Best wishes to you.
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Very interesting!!  I didn't know that the TSH increases between 4 and 10AM.  That would probably explain why I'm freezing cold when I go to bed and by the time I wake up, I'm so hot I'm sweating.  
OT - you're pretty close to where I live (near Lansing).  My parents had a place at Houghton Lake and we used to travel through Beaverton when we went the "back way" up there!
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Thank-you for sharing your story...I can totally relate. I guess the toughest part for me has been to find an endo who will really pay attention. I live near a large teaching hospital in Portland Oregon so think I will look there. My daughter had her sports physical yesterday and I mentioned my struggles to my regular doctor, his main question was if I was taking the right amount of beta blocker and shook his head. Anyway he is the doc who caught my Hashi's so am thankful for that.

I had a better nights sleep so feel better this morning. Like you said it is a rollercoaster ride. I do believe that most of  my anxiety has been my thryoid all along. No one had checked my antibodies before I had pre cervical cancer 3 years ago and I had bouts with early bleeding/spotting before my period. Amazing how the body sends us messages. I too think part of my bout has been really believing that my thyroid is slowly going away that the antibodies are killing it. Again your message this morning is such a blessing.........have a great day.
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