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thyroid and mood swings

I continue to suffer from terrible mood swings despite trying many different medications (the last one for bi-polar disorder almost sent me over the edge), alternative medicine modalities (acupuncture, holistic remedies), yoga, meditation, lots of reading, affirmations, exercise, therapy and what else? I am in the company of positive people and as much as I see the positive and do the positive I cannot seem to shake the doom and gloom attacks, anxiety, depression and constant mood swings.  I also feel so guilty for having these feelings bu my gut keeps telling me it is something physical and my blood tests show normal.  I am on levothyorxine- .1 mg. Can anyone shed any info or help?  Thanks!
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Hi, I hear you -- and yes, thyroid is one physical prob. that can cause depression and mood swings etc. When you say your thyroid tests are normal, do you know the actual lab #'s? Doc. can sometimes call them normal & they can be borderline. Maybe you need more thyroid med. if so, but that's a question only doc. can decide.

Another thing to think about would be female hormones - PMS/ menopause type stuff. I have pretty bad mood dips myself during PMS. Maybe an ob-gyn. type dr. could have some insights for you there?

It sounds like you're really trying to keep positive -- good for you. If your gut tells you it's physical prob., it probably is. I know the difficult part is searching for the cause & going to different docs. with your story.

I'd suggest starting with checking the thyroid #'s and then maybe ob-gyn -- just my two cents, for what it's worth...

Take care & good luck with it!
-Megan :)
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Hi there,

I had partial thyroidectomey in Jan and ever since then I felt like I was slipping in and out of a depression, sad one moment irrated the next always being hit with the feeling of gloom and dispair! I finally had my labs pulled by my primary doc and my thyroid is underactive, though my endo did a sensitive TSH and said I was normal. TODAY finally I got meds as my endo said cleary my results from my pc was underactive not alot but enough to rock my system to cause these horrible symptoms. I have now developed health anxiety from all this, so please have you labs run  again.. make sure they do a FULL panel not a simple TSH, as that does not truly represent the condition of your thyroid. I start my meds tomorrow only 50 mcg of synthroid, I hope this helps!!

I know how you feel, and it is awful, frustrating and helpless as nothing we can do without meds to fix it!  again have your FULL  labs redone, I hope you start feeling better soon =)

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I'm so glad I found this forum because I know exactly how you feel. Go with your gut and get it checked out. I'm currently hyperthyroid but suspect I've been swinging back and forth between hypo and hyper. I wasted 10 years thinking it was all in my head and 1 year on antidepressants that didn't work.
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