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I had my thyroid removed in September 1989. I've been ok for the most part up until recently. I haven't had my period in 7 months ( I'm 43yrs old) and believe its menopause. Can not having a thyroid effect menopause. Also, I haven't been able to gain weight in 10+ years ...I stay pretty much the same weight. My weight ranges between 104lbs and 108lbs. I haven't seen 110lbs in 10 years.
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Inadequate thyroid levels can cause issues with menstrual cycles.  Not getting a period is a symptom of hypothyroidism.

Do you get your thyroid levels tested on a regular basis?  What are your current levels?  Be sure to post reference ranges with any  labs, since ranges vary lab to lab and have to come from your own report.

Not everyone gains weight with hypothyroidism.  To be honest, I wish I had that problem.... LOL   Are you actually underweight or is that a normal weight for your height?   I'm 5' tall and stayed in the 105-108 range most of my life, until I became hypo (at age 58) and gained 30 lbs in < 3 months, then gradually put on another 10.  
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I had my thyroid removed when I was 18, I'm now 43. My height is 5'4 my weight is 105. Like I said, I haven't seen 110lbs in 10+ years. My last thyroid blood work was done is September 2013, the doc said it was fine. My question is, when u go through or are going through menopause does it affect your thyroid levels at all? My mother and older sister went through menopause in their early 40's. ( And I forgot to ask what the results were from the blood work, he usually tells me if they are fine or not) Also, I switched to the generic synthroid about 2 yrs ago after being on name brand for about 22-23 yrs. I also have pretty much all the signs and symptoms of menopause as well.
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Unfortunately, menopause and hypothyroidism can exhibit some of the same symptoms.  While all of the endocrine hormones have to be balanced, I don't think menopause would mess up your thyroid hormones, that  badly.

I went through surgical menopause, which really messes up hormone levels, at age 46 and didn't have thyroid issues until I was 58 yrs old.

I always have an aversion to "fine" when it comes to thyroid hormone levels, because doctors tend to think that any level "in range" is "fine", when that couldn't be further from the truth.  If levels are not high enough in the range, you will have symptoms.

Most of us find that we have to have FT4 about mid range and FT3 in the upper half to upper third of its range.

Having switched to generic could have something to do with your symptoms.  Some people don't do as well on generics as they do on Synthroid.  

I'm not sure what to think about your weight.  104 is pretty light for someone who's 5'4".  Have you been tested for other metabolic conditions that could prevent you from gaining weight?  The first that comes to mind is diabetes.

You can ask your doctor to test your reproductive hormones and that will tell you whether or not you are in either, peri or menopause. I'd also ask for another set of thyroid tests and be sure to specify that they do Free T3 and Free T4, not just the standard TSH, then be sure to get a copy of the report.
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Funny thing, the test I would always have done is the TSH! I don't believe I have ever been tested the way you state above. As far as having diabetes, I don't. I have been small since I had my thyroid removed. The only time I was bigger was when I was pregnant with my daughter and I reached 171lbs. 3 months after giving birth, you'd never be able to tell I had a child!
The reason I ask about thyroid and menopause is because seeing I don't have a thyroid and going through menopause, are hormones start to change and our hormones do have something to do with our thyroid. And if my hormones are outta wack wouldn't my thyroid levels change? And m weight ranges between 104-108. At the time of my visit in Setember, I was under a huge amount of stress as well. Stress effects my weight. When I'm stressed, I have a hard time eating. My mother had a heart attack and almost died. I take care of her now, as well as go to work. My life is non-stop, something is always going on. Not to mention, I'm starting to have a huge amount of anxiety problems.
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All of your endocrine hormones have to be "balanced", but menopause should not have a great direct effect on your thyroid hormones, because you don't have a thyroid; you're living on the medication you take every day.

Have you had adrenal testing done?  Stress does tend to affect weight, because most of us can't eat much when we're under a lot of stress.  

I'm very sorry to hear about your mother and that you  have to take care of her, plus work, plus (I assume) take care of your home and family.  I've been through caring for an elderly, ill relative, so I know how that goes.  It can raise stress levels to the point of no return.  

I'd suggest asking for adrenal testing.  Start with cortisol (24 hr test is best), which is a stress hormone.
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I lost weight/had problems keeping it on on just levo alone as well-it wasn't until it was determined I had a conversion problem and added Cytomel that I could gain weight again.
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