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thyroid fna issues

Hi all. I am 49, femaile. Recently diagnosed with indolent non-hodgkins lymphoma. Separately, nodules on thyroid. About 10 years ago, had fna on multinodular goiter, was a piece of cake. This past Monday, had fna on thryroid nodules, NOT piece of cake. Don't know why...lots of bruises, pain afterwards, still hurts to swallow today. Although the swelling and bruising has improved.  Everything I read says minimal pain for a few hours...I feel mostly fine, so I don't think there is anything serious going on, I'm just surprised at my bad reaction this time. He did have to do lots of needles, although I was expecting only one, and I was REALLY tense the whole time...could that increase pain afterwards? Just looking for thoughts..I also have a round bruise on my upper chest, not sure if he was pressing on me there, or if some fatal thing is happening. The procedure itself was not so bad, I was numbed and even the numbing didn't hurt. Just afterwards, WOW. I couldn't even speak above a whisper for a day. Any thoughts? I should be more worried about results I guess....
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The needle struck a blood vessel causing hemorrhage in peritracheal space which compressed voice nerve. Use of ice pack for 3 hours after procedure is highly recommended. The condition should resolve in 2 weeks
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