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thyroid iodine deficiency

My alternative/holistic doctor says that many have an iodine deficiency.  The artifical iodine added to food isn't absorbed by our body.  There is an idoine loading test where one takes a high dose of iodine and then the urine over the next 24 hours is kept and analyzed to see how much iodine the body absorbed versus extracted.  If the iodine loading test shows an iodine deficiency, one starts taking iodine supplements (in addition to Synthroid).  My regular doctor says its impossible to have an idodine deficiency in the United States because so much iodine is added to our food.  Normal medicine prohibits iodine supplements on top of Synthroid because too much iodine can contribute to thyroid cancer.  What are your thoughts on this?
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Yep - I have been reading ALOT about iodine. More so on the end of Chinese medicine and research that has been collected over there.

You do however need to speak to your doctor about iodine tests. You can not just go and buy OTC sodium iodine and do the skin patch test. It has to be potassium iodine per doctor's suggestions.

It's a stuff product to crack

Laura - start that thread soon. I am watching for it and I would like to post some articles I found on it.

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Thx so much for adding this item to the CM board----there is a lot of confusion about what is reliable info.  Someone recently highlighted theiodineproject.com.  Understanding better how to test for deficiency and supplement will help so many! I have been recently taking kelp but I gather there can be purity concerns with kelp, so am concerned to question this approach.  Thx
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"too bad most drs aren't aware of this"

I know.... it is such a shame, isn't it ? And as a result, many people are needlessly suffering.

Now I know why I had an iodine deficiency even though I was adding iodized salt to my drinking water (to help raise my blood pressure).

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Lugols is the most reputable iodine i have seen out there....but you are going to find it very difficult to find. You will probably have to find it on line as most stores do not carry it. I am going to start an iodine thread over on the complimentary medicine forum so everyone can share more freely. Stella has since learned my warning of how difficult it is to find. lol
There is a big difference in the type of iodine used as well. All liquid iodine is not equal and most always not the correct kind.
There are many many health benefits to iodine...surprisingly.
Platelet gal thank you for sharing that info....too bad most drs aren't aware of this.
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Some excerpts from "Beating Lyme Disease" by David A. Jernigan, Ph.D. :

"According to a study by the CDC the number of Americans with low iodine has quadrupled in the last 25 years". * (source below)

"Dr. Bernard Jenson, D.C., Ph.D., found that the iodized table salt, which is superheated so that it can pour more easily, is a poor form of iodine for the body."

* Iodine Nutrition in the United States. Trends and Public Health Implications: Iodine Excretion Data from National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys I and III --- The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism
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Hi Markus,

It is said to be unusual to have an iodine deficiency in the US....yet there is a lot of research out there on it, all the same.    Honestly, I think anything is possible, when it comes health issues, deficiencies, etc.  

There is actually an easier test for iodine deficicency that I have read about several times.  Buy some (liquid) iodine, and apply it to a 1"square on your forearm with a cotton ball.  Your arm should stay tinted from the iodine for 24 hours...the less time it lasts, the higher the deficiency.  

Holistic treatment sites often recommend a supplement of Bladderwack, which is essentially seaweed, and an organic form of iodine.  Do an Internet search on both the test and Bladderwack and you should find plenty of info on both.

Good luck!
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