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thyroid levels very low with negative antibodies

I have over the years shown and tested for a very very low thyroid. I have been put on medication once and then later, maybe 6 to 8 weeks later, tested fine for thyroid so the meds were stopped. My antibodies are negative so what is the problem. It has always been almost impossible for me to lose weight but under extreme steress in the last year I have dropped 85 pounds and am not ill. My metabolism whether I exercise or not seems dead but no one as usual can figure it out, Help. i have a 20 year lumbar and cervical surgery history. Once for cervical with hardware and 8 times for surgery in the lumbar area with  hardware. I also have a history of breast cancer, 7 year survivor...yeah and I have
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Did they give a reason to stop your medication? It is rare that sometimes a short time on thyroid meds can level out a hypo thyroid.
  Having extreme stress has an effect on thyroid function too, and if this passes then the levels can go back to 'normal'
  Do you have your thyroid blood test results?
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What are your current levels, with lab ranges?  

I don't understand why they would take you off medication just because your levels were "normal"; that's the whole point of being on medication - to keep them that way.  

When was the last time you were tested for antibodies?  Just because you were negative for them once, doesn't mean you will always be negative.  In addition, which antibodies did they test?

More information would be helpful.  
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