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thyroid?? or just anxiety?

well this all started a few months ago. I had a miscarriage in late July and had a D&C. I was fine after that and was put on depo provera shot so that I wouldn't get pregnant again. I got the shot at my 2 week check up so that was at the beginning of August. In mid September I started experiencing really bad anxiety and panic attacks. I also had fast heart rate, weight loss, heart palpitations. I went to the ER and they said that my Free T4 was high so that I may have hyperthyroidism. Well I followed up with my PCP and he ran his own labs and said that all my thyroid levels came back fine. I had all the classic symptoms of hyperthyroidism. I couldn't believe that now they came back normal. My pcp told me to continue beta blockers for my palpitations and increased heart rate. I also had a thyroid uptake scan and that came back normal too. Somedays I will be fine and think that I am better and then it will just hit me all of a sudden and I will have the anxiety again for days. I just don't know if it could be my hormones messed up from the miscarriage causing this or still possibly a thyroid problem like postpartum thyroiditis. Well these last couple of days I have had my anxiety feeling really bad again. I keep feeling like I can't catch my breath. I went to the ER again today and they did a CT scan of my heart and lungs and a chest xray and they said everything was fine. I just keep feeling like I can't catch my breath and I try harder and harder and end up nauseated. Has anyone ever had this feeling? I feel like I need to yawn or cough to get a good deep breath. The ER doc gave me a small rx for ativan which is what they also gave me in the ER. I just have a few questions since this is all very new to me.

1. Could this all be hormone related? (miscarriage or birth control)
2. Could this be post partum thyroiditis since I had that high free t4 once? That day of those labs is when I was really feeling at my worst.

I just don't know what to do anymore. When I feel like this I just get so moody and can't function. I have 3 children that need their mother. I haven't had my hormones checked since my miscarriage so I'm just kind of trying to push it on that since I have never had any problems like this before my miscarriage. Any information would really help. Thank you!
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Funny how a hospital will say one thing and a PCP another. I had 'deranged' Free T4 in ER but according to my GP it was normal.

The fact you have a higher Free T4 may have contributed to the miscarriage. It is imperative you get a copy of the tests from both the hospital and your PCP, and post the results here with the reference ranges. You would need to be looking at TSH, Free T4 and Free T3 and I hope your PCP did some anti-body tests too. You might have Grave's disease.

How far along were you when you had the miscarriage? Often the levels are barely changed early on. If it were later you might find they were high to start with and not a pregnancy induced level.

Being high in FT4 will make you have anxiety. When mine are high I am like a cat on a hot tin roof!
Cheers, and many hugs on your loss.
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