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thyroid problems and effexor

Is anyone who is having thyroid problems on Effexor XR?  I had normal thyroid function before starting Effexor (taking a very low dose for control of hot flashes)...Now it is found that I have multiple nodules and my labs are off.  I feel there is a connection bx. the effexor and thyroid nodules which is listed as a very rare occurence in Wyeth's drug information on Effexor. Just my luck...although I wonder if it is really that rare of a connection.
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I just finished treatment for thyroid cancer in october.  I was on effexor xr for about three years for depression.  I was told that I have drug resistant depression so I maxed out on that and have been on three different types of antidepressants.  I hadn't read that as an effect of effexor xr - that is very interesting.  Just thought I would chime in since I have had thyroid cancer and also took this drug. Hmmmmm....
Although I have to say now - that I beleive that my severe depression was in some ways situational and that my thryoid issues also had something to do with it as well.
Good luck to you,
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Isn't  Effexor XR an antidepressant?

As to date and to my knowledge, Science does not know what causes nodules.
If your nodules are hyper-functioning they will influence thyroid levels more so than meds. That is, their actions will over ride meds. in the influence of our levels.
Effexor XR might interfere with thyroid medication therefore effect levels.  However, if you take them at least 4 hours apart from each other, would be more success with thyroid med. absorption.

Just my personal opinion and/or experience. Always discuss your health issue with your doctor , always adhere to your doctors advise and, you always have the right to a second opinion. Nothing is a 100% or a 100%, 100% of the time. However, we are not all alike!

1990 - Hyper/Graves'
1997 - Dia/RAI
1999 - TED - slight Thyroid Eye Disease
1999 -  Visible Nodule (suspect hyperfunctioning)
1997 - MVP - Mitral Valve Prolapse
2000 - SAD  - Short Attention Disorder/Span
2002 -  IED  - Intermittent Explosive Disorder (Graves' Range)
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Thank you for your information!  Yes, effexor xr is an anti depressant, but it has been found that given in a low dose it helps with hot flashes for the women who don't want to or can't take estrogen and progesterin products.
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I was on Effexor for several years and since then I have had all my problems, could be a fluke - who knows hehe
No longer on Effexor and no longer have a thyroid, two came at different times, but I think the need for effexor came from the thyroid.
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February/Charley1986 wanted to comment.

February-I find it curious that you took Effexor and now have nodules.

The last 7-years I've suffered from Depression. Ranging from Dysthimia (mild) to Major Depression, to as severe as a recent suicide attempt.

In 2004 I took Effexor 150mg 3x day. (that's an extremely aggressive dosage). It only slightly worked for me, but ultimately I was diagnosed Treatment Resistant/Non-Responder to depression meds. (I've tried 24+ meds).

I recently found out that I have a nodule on my Thyroid. The Endo has done two Sonograms and I have a 3rd follow up in 6 months.

I find it curious that the we all took Effexor and have thyroid nodules..

In my Personal, non-medical advice, opinion, I would not take Effexor if you are not taking it for depression. The withdrawal/weaning off when you stop taking the medication is a NIGHTMARE. It's very difficult to come off of when you stop taking it. (Google for Effexor Withdrawal).

If you're taking in lieu of estrogen/progesterin, I would suggest discussing with your Doctor the use of Cymbalta. It's the newest Generation of Effexor (it's manufactured by a different company, but has the same properties of Effexor and does not have the horrible weaning off side effects).

I just started taking Cytomel--augmentation for treatment resistant depression and I feel 1000000% better. Never felt so good in my entire adult life (certainly since High School 20+ years ago).
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Hmmm.... I took a very low dose of Effexor (37.5) for a couple of years and then developed nodule.  I wonder if Effexor is just a very common med and so are thyroid nodules, or if there is a connection.  I didn't know it was listed as a "rare occurrence".... interesting.
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FYI- i too am a Effexor XR past user and thyroid issue person as well.

Took Effexor XR from November 2005-November 2006. After a NIGHTMARE of a time weaning off it.....within weeks i began to notice something was wrong with me...i suddenly began gaining a ton of weight, felt ill and was generally "not well".

January 2007 my doctor found a large lump on my thyroid. Turned out to be a tumor....lost half my thyroid.

Could be just coincidence......or maybe not. Just thought i'd share. *sigh*.
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I love reading all your comments.  I was on Effexor for 4-5 months, and I didn't like the way it made me feel.  I had a tough time coming off of it.  I cut it down, but couldn't stop it, because I'd feel so sick.

Because I lost a lot of weight (intended), my doctor sent me for extensive blood tests.  Then she called me back yesterday to go for a parathyroid blood test.  (PTH).  I'll let you know how it turns out.  If it is connected to thyroid  malfunction, I will let you know.  I've been on Synthroid with no problems for many years.
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Wow! I listen to all of your stories and just gasp as it sounds like my story too.
I had  a goiter with nodules back in 2002.  Had a child in 2003, another child in 2005 and in 2007 was prescribed Effexor XR after horrible side effects and/or no help from other SSRI's.  In late 2007 I was finally diagnosed with hypothyroidism and had an ultrasound done.  Results:  Goiter and multiple nodules with calcifications.
I tried to go off the Effexor XR just last week and OMG!!!!!  Do not do that without knowing where/what you are gonna be doing for the time you are off it.  I felt hypersensitive to breathing,winking, talking - ugh!  And I slept ALOT.  So had to get back on the Effexor and feel lots better, but like all of you ----wish I wasn't at this drugs mercy.
Do I think they are connected?  I am not sure as I did have the goiter w/nodules back in 2002 and after the nuclear medicine scan was performed(July 2002) the doctors did nothing with my thyroid or for me. ???
I'll keep you posted as to what I find out from my next follow up with my provider  *sigh, tear*
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