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thyroid rollercoaster

I have been on this rollercoaster ever since I had to get an RAI due to uncontrolled hyperthyroid for 6 months.  This was in Nov 2007 and I have been a mess ever since.  I bottomed out and became severly hyp after about 7 months.  We tried different doses of synthroid and I felt awful.  We tried added Cytomel in various doses--still felt miserable  Was switched to Armour 1/2 grain because I heard it was so good to use--------well my body couldnt handle all of the T3 and I was miserable.  Last test results showed high TSH so they upped the Armour to 3/4 grain and I thought I was peeling out of my skin.  I had to go off.  I was afraid to go back to Synthroid.  Another Dr. told me about adrenal fatigue and started me on hydrocortisone  5mg 2 times a day, then 5 mg 4 times a day.  I went of the Armour for a week until I could see my old endo.  So now she doesnt feel I have adrenal fatigue, just low thryoid.  She is putting back on Synthroid 50.mcg and is adding time release T3 since the Armour must have put out too much T3 for me too quickly.  Anyone else on this rollercoaster and how long does it take to feel human?  I am extremely stressed and anxious.
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I am right there with you. I am all over the place and I never feel good anymore. Im always tired and sluggish. I cant sleep at night. Ive got a 2 yr old which needs me and I find it so hard to cope some days. My husband and I wanted to have another baby but with the way im feeling everyday I dont know if I could handle it. There are days when I dont even want to get out of bed and if it werent for my son I wouldnt. I cant get anything accomplished because im either too tired or I forget in 5 min what the heck I was doing. I just want to know when this will all end or if it will end. Im glad that im not the only one who feels this way.
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Can be hard to get everything balanced.  You need to be patient.  Also each med change should start low and go slow.   You need to get your doc to test you properly for adrenal problems.

Takes 4 - 6 weeks for each change to be fully effective, so this really can be a long process.

On the meds, probably a combination of Synthryoid and Slow release would be ok if you appear to be sensitive.  Else combo of synthyroid and Armor (but you might feel better if the armor is dosed several times a day in smaller doses than in one dose in the morning).  What are your actual levels? Did they test FT3 adn FT4 as well as TSH?

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Yes the rollarcoaster ride is not at all fun. I am sorry you are going though that.

It sounds like you weren't getting all the right information on the Armour to balance you out. It also sounds like your have been back and forth from one kind of thyroid medication to another and that will makes things worse too.

Have you returned back to Synthroid yet? If so you must stick with it for a long time - I kept trying to level out my synthroid for 4 years without getting what I needed and then switched.

The transistion over to Armour is tough too at the beginning. Learning how to dose very small and appropriately throughout the day is key and once things start working good then the cycles start to break.

Hormone medications are very touchy to our systems. It is so important to log things down and watch how a month cycle plays out for you. Comparing those logs to actual blood work is so beneficial. It give you an individual range - eventually you can use to see where you feel best at and continue working to maintain those numbers for you.

Post back on what meds you are taking and where your TSH - FT3 and FT4 are at. maybe you are not leveled out and if you haven't switched back yet - maybe a tweek here or there may avoid you from starting from scratch again.

How did the doctor start you out on HC? Did you have a serum cortisol test - or a 24hr urine test? Was there any test before your were scripted the HC?

If your doctor scripted the HC with no tests - I feel uneasy about that. Most HC - adrenal patients are stuck on HC for life due to the dependance now on it for the adrenals to pump correctly.

Also treatment on HC if tested correctly requires a long treatment - sometimes years and then - a weening situation occurs which also requires time.

If you went off cold turkey - that could be a big player in all your anxiety.

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