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thyroid suicidal thoughts

When i was taking my thyroid meds i would have really bad suicidal thoughts and the least little thing would upset me. now that im not taking the meds i dont have those thoughts, could it have really been the meds causing these thoughts?

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Hi, I had the same problem when I was on my meds only I can't remember if it was when I took it or when I would go off it for awhile.  You  must let your doctor know this because they can help. I do believe med's can cause it.
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I have really bad thoughts when off my Snythroid and my thyroid goes crazy
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hi i am going through this now and i have really bad thoughts while i am on my synthoid at the moment i am depressed anxious i even told my fiance that there was a car coming and to just thrown me in front of it because i cant live like this no more i just want to feel normal again...how did u end up not taking the meds anymore did u stop on your own?
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It has nothing to do with the medication.

NOTHING to do with the medication.

Depression is a symptom of thyroid hormone imbalance. Suicidal thoughts are a product of severe depression. Avoiding or stopping thyroid hormone replacement will only make it worse.

When you start taking Synthroid or a similar medication, the symptoms of the disease do not go away in a week. It can take months for all the symptoms to clear up. It can take months just to get your hormones straightened out, and THEN it can take months for the symptoms to abate.

If you are seriously having suicidal urges, you should tell your doctor.

If you are depressed and feel you would be better off dead, tell your doctor, and realize you are not the only one. Also realize that there is a difference between the two.
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I too went through this and its not the Meds as AR-10 says.
Its the symptoms causing the thoughts, the depression etc.
As soon as everything started to fall into place with my meds, I felt better.
I think I have cried more in the last 2 years than I have in my entire life.
It does get easier...believe me.
But also remember that the Meds are NOT a quick fix.
Patience is something not many of us have and this is a number one requirement when it comes to the thyroid.
Doctors feed us the old 'take a pill and you'll feel fine'.
How would they know???
It is absolute crock with them saying that.
The best way to overcome this is to research everything in regards to your thyroid and be pro-active in your condition.
It does actually take away a lot of those suicida feelings that knowing THERE IS light at the end of the tunnel.
Take Care
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I'm so glad to here that this gets better.  I just have so many racing thoughts through my head and I feel so many different things in my body right now.  I can't help but to wonder if I will ever get my life back.  That's when the bad thoughts come in.  Because I cant think about feeling this way for ever.
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I agree, its not the meds your dealing with. I learned that from here. If your thyroid is outta whack, everything else will be too.  I have learned to look for my symptoms. Research, and stay as positive as you can. I don't know how soon you started, but ive been on mine since june. I am still not balanced, i tried armour on the fourth month, now back to synthroid. Between the muscle spasms, tension headaches, and going nuts feeling I have found one thing to calm myself down. Relax when your body is telling you too. Also hot bath helps me at night time.
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I thought at one stage that my T4 wasnt converting as my T3 was very low but patience fixed that.
As soon as my levels started to balance out SLOWLY and I mean slowly as you have to take baby steps with the meds, then you will feel a lot better.
I take 500mg magnesium late afternoon as I found it is great for the burning feet, aching legs and muscle cramps. I still get them occassionally but no way as bad as I did.
I also take Vitamin d/Calcium combination and B12 as blood tests showed I was deficient in these.
See your Doc and discuss your feelings with him.
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What is posted makes a lot of sense BUT BUT BUT we are not doctors and cannot diagnose what is or isn't from the meds.  Disclaimer - you must discuss this with your doctors, and offer the rationale from above which I, too, agree with but we are patients on this patient-to-patient community.

I would really love to see if you can get your question posted on Dr. Lupo's site and see his take on it .. he's a respected endocrinologist and here's his forum:


I, too, have had severe anxiety and a myriad of emotions when my meds were not right (Synthroid 100mcgs) and now that they are readjusted I'm doing super, so talk to your docs about the meds and reveal your depression  -- there's a liklihood the dosing isn't right.  

And, of course, reach out for help immediately and call 911 or go to the ER if any of your thoughts escalate.


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I just started taking meds for this about 2 weeks ago, when I found out I had it. The littlest things will make me angry or for no reason ill cry or ill feel depressed. My poor husband gets an earful everyday when he comes home about just anything. I will yell at him over things that are so insignificant. Im just afraid to loose my husband.
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You need to try and get him to understand that you are sick right now.  From what everyone tells me I gets better,  What are you on for meds and What was your Lab work?  Where you having any symptoms before you got put on meds?
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I dont know what the lab work said because all they told me is that it came back positive for hypothyroidism and they called in the meds and told me to come back in 8 weeks. im taking Levothyroxine.  I couldnt get any answers because the doc was busy thats why the office called.  Before I started taking them I was so tired and it was hard for me to function on day to day things. I had my son 20 months ago and never felt the same after I had him and it gradually got worse. Now that im on the meds I actually feel worse then before I started taking them.
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but what i hate and am sick of is everyone telling me im lazy its not that im lazy its that i feel run down and angry and sad and frustrated constantly im so sick of being asked what do i do all day sit on my *** ha if only they could feel how **** not having a thyroid makes you feel ontop of that i have thallasemia and im anemic and 5 kids that drive me CRAZYno-one tries to help pick upafter them selves no leave it up to the slave.not only that i cant eat without running to the bathroom my body feels dead my neck is swollen my feet hurt alot i think i have fluid and then ontop of all that my mum is really ill we dont know how long she is going to be with us all  she is only 49 and then my husband just bought a house thats being renervated far out i barely have time to pee so inside i boil and i feel like exploding my girls fight soooooo much i feel like chucking em out side and not letting them back in im OVER IT ALLLLL so suicidel thoughts i understand but because i fear gods punishment for suicide so much i wont do it but im going maddddddddddddddddddddd
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Its called Graves Rage.....those feelings of anger and frustration and is where your levels arent right.
Dont wait 8 weeks to see your Doctor....get blood tested fortnightly until the levels start to even out.
I feel for you both as been there, done that.
As for the girls not helping....do what I did with my 2 girls lol.
If its not picked up (especially dirty laundry) chuck it out the back door.
They will soon get the message then lol.
My rule was ..if you want it washed, put it in the laundry.
If its not in the laundry...out the back door it goes.
Works wonders (hehehe).
My eldest didnt enjoy seeing her bra hanging off the tree :) lol
But most of all....BE KIND TO YOURSELF
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I have also been in your shoes re: no one helping out, a sick mother and my kids fighting. They are now 16, 18 & 22 so it has stopped. In fact the two oldest are best friends now! Yes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!  When they were younger and would fight I wouldn't take sides, AND I would make them take it to their room or outside. I even told them "fight all you want, but the rules are don't kill each other and I don't want to hear it... period!"
As to the housework - I agree with Smilerdeb - pick it up and put it where it belongs or I'll pitch it! It even works with younger kids. You throw that favorite baby doll or dump truck away - it's amazing how soon they learn you mean business.
And, it's very important to stop and take care of yourself. Even if it's only a few minutes a day in the tub or after kids are in bed, read a little bit of a good book. In time you will start feeling better.
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Tell your kids that if they wanna fight and kill each other to do it OUTSIDE.
And add too..."Dont forget to clean up the mess after youve killed one another" lol.
Mine were shockers for fighting.
I used to put them out the back, lock the door and tell them to knock on the door when they have finished fighting.I know its hard but you have to stand yr ground and show them who is BOSS.
YOU are the Mother, not them.
Stipulate that...over and over.
You may even get time to yourself if you put them in their room each time they fight.
Take away toys, tvs, game consoles.......stop all activities in that aspect.
Even stop them watching their fav program on TV.
If you dont, you will just get worse with the anxiety and nerves and you dont need it!
Also tell Hubby to pull his finger out...they are his kids too, after all.
Take Care Hon and be kind to yourself......they are no different to any other growing up kid.
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    I had a test done on my thyroid because i could FEEL there has been something wrong for ages.

    The test said that i was fine, but i REALLY don't trust the tests.

  I suffer from cold badly, even in the heat, i spend alot of day in bed, can't function, feel severely depressed and have suicidal thoughts, and now the doctors have said I'm fine i don't know what to do because my thyroid throbs often like its struggling, overworking with little results, my skin has got worse, and yet i live a really healthy life, diet and exercise wise at least so I really don't know where to go now, because the suicidal thoughts wont go. Everythin feels dark in my mind most of the time.
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Hi there

I'm sorry you feel so badly.  Can you tell me what test(s) you had done for your thyroid?  If you have a copy of the report, please post the results and reference ranges, here, so we can see them.

I'm sure the test results are accurate; it's just that sometime we start feeling badly before it shows up on the blood tests.  

I see that you are in UK and we know that some patients have a hard time getting proper thyroid treatment there.  Is it possible that you can see another doctor who might be willing to help you, or can you go to an ER?

I don't know why your thyroid would throb; that's not a usual response to hypothyroidism.  The fact that it's overworking should not cause it to throb.  Have you had an ultra sound to check for nodules?  

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Hello everyone what a brilliant group and everyone being so upfront about feeling so bad beacuse of thyroid ,I have just been diagnosed after i kept going on at doc to do blood tests hair was long down to my bum and falling out in handfuls .but the biggest thing was feeling so suicidal at this moment in time i could take car and run of road  quiete easily ,doc says phone samaratins ,they dont help ,I have a lot of illness from xmas but have been upbeat even all dec in hospital docs commneted on my great way of dealing with life threatning conditions ,but last couple months i cry daily well sobs and cry so long i am exhausted , cant get a good sleep but feel exhausted , cant remeber anything , every day tasks so difficult , i cant believe reading all the posts this is whats causing it ,Doc wont give me medication yet waiting a month from initial blood test to do another ! if i didnt have younger kids i would be of , i even think they will be 16 in a couple yr and i can then just go , my life has been **** up to know so wont miss it , and this thought is giving me soemthing to work to but i could just go now i feel so low ,sorry dont mean to upset anyone i  dont have family or freinds and so alone
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