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tired and moody

I have been hypothyroid for at least 13 years and I have been very well controlled with my thyroid meds up until this year.  I have had 3 successful pregnancies and never an issue with increases or decreases during my pregnancies.  When my youngest was 16 months I finally joined the gym again and got back into my training schedule.  I have always been an athlete but my kids are 7,5, and 2.5 so it was hard to really have time for me. I am 34 years old myself.  I was doing awesome, lost all my baby weight, got back down to my high school speed.  Completed a triathlon, training for a half marathon... but there was a problem.  It seemed liked every 2-3 months I would rebound.  I lost the weight, feel sudden exhaustion, then gain all the weight back.  I train 2 hours a day 5 days a week.  One strength class, one cardio.  Ate well, recovery meal.  All of a sudden I would get this aura like I was going to pass out, have no strength, and I would put on 10 pounds in a month.  My thyroid has been up and down this whole year like never before. At one point my TSH was 5.24 then they increased my Synthroid to 125 mcg from 112.  Then my levels went really low, .138.  Decresed my 125 to 3 days a week and the `112, 4 days a week, level now .70.  Decresed back to 112.  Feeling like ****, haven' been able to work out because in the midst of all this I tore my semimembranous tendon to my hamstring.  My periods have been crazy and I have extreme night sweats, more like night drenches which occur one week before my period and last all week every night.  Why can't I ever maintain my weight?  Are my levels fluctuating because of my training?  I have met with nutritionists to help me but none that are of higher sports training caliber.  No one seems to be able to help me.  Is there a chemical component that I am missing.  I have even increased my iron intake.  Still feel lousy.  And now I am just so depressed over the whole thing.  Please help. I do not know what to do.  
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If you want some ideas as to direction, please read the posts under the name sunsetswing.  Determining a patient's level of med. by using only TSH should be against the law.  It doesn't give nearly enough info to make such an important decision.
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