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angioedema and thyroid
by tomdale, 30 minutes ago
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  Like most people who post here, Im another person that is frustrated buy the sudden onset of angioedema. Just for background, I had never had any problems phyicaly till this last summer. I did have sinious problems most my life but I just lived with it. Then I went in July and had surgery to clean out my sinius, All seemed to go will, I do remember that while in the hospital I had some reaction to something, I didnt ask but I think my blood presure went up after taking morphen or some pain killer, I was on antibotic after surgery and one couese later in summer after a check up found a sinious infection. I also had a tooth pulled this summer which I was on antibotics before that. At one point I got stung be a wasp which got in my boot, the sting swelled and stayed swollen for about 7 to 10 days after that my knee on that leg started to feel like I hurt it, but I had not. after about two weeks of the knee hurting suddenly it stoped. Two days later my tounge swelled up. then face and lips, then hand ect. this has been going on for 7 months. I'v e had blood work done, complete phyical, allergy test for food. I was told every thing tested good on blood test. finaly I got a copy for myself.  test results that looked low are.  TSH 0.856, FT4 0.9, FT3 2.2 ,   GRAN%  82.5 LYMPH% 14.5  MON% 3.0 GRAN# 6.0 LYMPH# 1.0 MON# 0.2

I take Zertec 10 mg, Prednisone  when needed, and just started rotation to Benadryl from Zertec

  I usely feel tight in neck, then some internal pain, then I feel tingling in lip and tunge, could I having angioedema from low thyroid? or  Leukemia  
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I couldn't find any correlation between thyroid and angioedema.


Have you tried posting to an expert forum, perhaps the asthma and allergy:
or the dermotology:
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Tell your doc to test you to see if your hypoglobulin antibodies are high, and get a free T3 and free T4 workup.  There is a correlation between low thyroid hormone and angioedema.  I am going through it right now.  I have had erythema multiforme (giant hives) for the past two months.  I have very irregular TSH levels, they go up and down from normal to very high in a matter of days.  I have been on Synthroid for about 5 years and only now have a started to have problems.  It may be I have Hashimoto's disease. I think we just need hormone therapy because our thyroid is not making hormone anymore.  Good luck to you.  I hope this helps.
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I forgot to mention I also have swelling of my lips and eyelids.  Pain in my joints, hips and ankles.  I also feel a heaviness in my chest.  I stopped taking the Prednisone, Benadryl, Zertec, Xyzal and Doxepin because nothing worked.  In my opinion, I think we need Armour Thyroid.  I have been reading from other forums how other people have felt so much better after taking this med.  That is going to be my next step.
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thank you for the input, this has been very hard to deal with, it helps just knowing we arnt alone
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