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treated hypo - but still very cold in morning

Dear All,
       Just a quicky and something Im wondering about.
       I was diagnosed hypo May last year - this forum gave me quite a lot of support which I am grateful for. I am generally feeling a lot better, and have several diagnoses now to at least explain my issues. I have undifferentiated connective tissue disorder, and hypermobility as well as hypothyroidism. Generally I feel much better since treatment (levothyroxine and physio ultrasound on inflammation in feet) but still struggle with awful tiredness in mornings. As soon as I'm up and moving for about an hour this clears, but it is a real struggle to get up. My TSH is actually quite low now - quite supressed and feel best at this level (levels on tracker if anyone interested), and T3 and T4 within high end of normal.

      However I tested my temp before rising five days on trot just to see if there was reason for struggle in mornings. I was suprised to find my basal temp is only 34 degrees in morning when I wake!  It rises slowly throughout day till 36.5 in evening but every morning its about 34 degres and one morning 33.8. This is in centrally heated bed and two layers of clothes and also bed clothes. Is this normal even when one is in treatment for thyroid? Can I help myself by taking the thyoxine even earlier? If I wake at 6 take it then and then get up at 7.30 which is when I must get up most mornings for work? Will that help or am I just gonna have to accept that Im cold and sluggish (very) in morning?? Also is this likelyto be why Im strill struggling to lose weight even when I do adhere to diet?
           Thanks for help,
                Manxie ( Ali) xx
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If you TSH is around 1 maybe look at nutrition deficiencies through vitamin testing.
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Not certain how to access vitamin tests rachel? will nhs Gp do that ? Im in Uk. Tsh is actually 0.05 but Im not hyper as one may expect with that - Gp explained that lots of hypo patients actually feel best at supressed level and I certainly seem to be one of those as I was much worse prior to treatment.
What deficiencies would lower your temp to this level??
  Thanks for suggestions
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My GP did the vitamin testing. He's a DO.

I've read that low iron, magnesium, B12, vitamin E, and B3 (niacin) could all be contributors to being cold. I had a full vitamin assay done and found that I was low in iron, B12, B3, Vitamin D, and Zinc. Settling those in addition to my thyroid has helped the coldness tremendously.
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Thank you hun!
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I assume you're taking T4.  If it were being properly converted to T3, you would have a temperature of 37.0 C (98.6 F) in midday.  You just aren't making enough T3.

As far as nutrition, everything is critical.  But vitamin D and iron are especially so.  I would suggest not fooling around, like I did; find a doc who can do a comprehensive nutritional evaluation in one fell swoop.

You might want to investigate  wilsonstemperaturesyndrome.com  .
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