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triglyceride levels

I am a little concerned, I have been diagnosed in the past with both Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism. Currently I have a triglyceride level of 1900, extremely fatigued but, on the positive side, my cholesterol is 157.  Could this be b/c of my thyroid being at a low level?  I don't eat fried foods, but we do eat a lot of pasta.  I also walk right now, 1 mile a day.  I am usually very active. What are the possibilities with a tri level of 1900???????
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It is hard to comment without the reference ranges and also a lot of other factors come into the eqation with trigylcerides.
What is your 'good' and 'bad ' cholesterol?
Trigylcerides are to do with the heart mainly.
Your cholesterol is 157 yet here in Australia...the normal for Cholesterol is under 5.0 so as I said....post your reference ranges so that others may help.
All the best :)
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