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tsh 94.2 and feel fine

Anyone else asymptomatic with a high tsh? My M.D. is of course adjusting my thyroid meds, but I really am surprised that I feel fine. I had gastric bypass almost two years ago and have lost 130 pounds, and hopefully will lose a few more when my thyroid is corrected. I just see so many people with slightly eleveated or normal TSH talk about how horrible they feel...and I don't understand. Any one else feel fine when labs so out of whack?

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The doc in the Cleveland Clinic podcast said whether the TSH is  50 or 500 it's equally serious. Patients focus on how they feel but there are more serious implications than those complaints.

My aunt suddenly had a heart attack at age 30. When they did the autopsy they found a substernal goiter. She had unnoticed (and therefore untreated) thyroid disease and she died. She hadn't complained of a thing.
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I didn't start feeling symptoms til my tsh was over 100. Then they hit me like a brick **** house. All of them at the same time. I thought I was dying!  I actually ended up in the hospital, thinking I was having a heart attack.   Believe me, get stable and then take care of it.
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