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my tsh is 0.10,accdg to the lab the normal result shld be 0.2-5uIU/ml,what does it mean
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my tsh was way below normal and the doc said I was still ok for over a year.  my hair was falling out though and I argued for a biopsy and he wouldn't do one.  I went to another doc finally and did the biopsy, I have cancer.

Blood can often be normal but you may still have a problem.  I have a malignant tumor on my thyroid but blood except for tsh is normal.  Tsg is .04.  I think that's nonexistent but doc said ok.  Then I went to another doc who finally did biopsy.  I have cancer.

Push for a biopsy.  It is the only way to know for sure.  If your doc won't do it, switch docs!

White woman, over 40, single nodule, over 1 cm big, mostly normal blood levels + still equaled cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  All of what I just typed in this sentence is actually signs that point to malignancy don't let your doc persuade you not to do a biopsy.  Only insurance co's says don't biopsy.  Push for biopsy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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A TSH of 0.1 means you are slightly hyper.

It could be for several reasons. Thyroiditis, which is a swelling of the gland the can make you hyper as it subsides, or transient hyperthyroidism. It could be Grave's Disease starting up, or it might be a hot nodule producing hormones independant of the thyroid.

It does not mean cancer and it does not mean you have nodules that need biopsied. It means you need further tests, including an ultrasound of the thyroid.
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I totally agree with AR.  Nothing was mentioned of any nodule - which is why a biopsy would be performed.  

You definitely need more testing to figure out why your tsh is where it's at.
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Annggee - I am not even sure on the Tsg thing?

I would however think TgAb would be the test you are referring.

I carry a TSH of 0.04 - I am taking Armour thyroid due to Graves/2002 - RAI 2003 and hypo Hashi to date that requires meds.

My TSH doe NOT indicate any cancer and I am WHITE - 40ish and I have ONE nodule 1CM

It does not mean I have cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!

Annggee - what do you want the poster to biopsy - a TSH???

She makes no mention of even having any nodules. I am sorry your Dx is what it is - but you need to give better suggestions to posters being individuals - not TSH's

and there is NO way only a TSH would have given you the DX of cancer. You had to of gone through extensive testing - (uptakes - ultra sounds - FNA etc) to even be Dx with your cancer.

Beth - as AR and Kippie put it - You TSH is low which only means further blood work is needed to see if you have the start of autoimmune Graves - or even if your thyroid is a little whacked out right now.

Don't for a moment run to your doctor and say you have cancer. - Ask for further testing for hyperthyroidism.

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I hope you tore a strip out of your doctor for not refering you for a biopsy.....
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thanks for sharing all your stories,,they are really big help to me..im happy to say that based on my blood work last month my ENDO told me that my tsh now is ok,i dont have any thyroid problem...thanks for all the prayers..i hope this will be a big help for me to get pregnant..
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