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ultrasound results and I need help understanding them...please offer any input..

the right lobe measures 3.8x1.1x1.3 cm in size. There is a nodule identified within the right lobe., measuring 12x9x12mm in size. there is a second area of decreased attenuation present, likely representing a nodule measuring 9x7x10mm in size. The left lobe measures 3.5x1.1x1.5cm in size. There is a cyst present, arising from the lower pole, measuring 14x9x8mm in size. Adjacent to this is a solid nodule, hypoechoic, measuring 7x5mm in size. Isthmus at the upper limits of normal for thickness. normal colour doppler flow present within the gland. No surrounding lymphadenopathy.

several thyroid nodules outlined above, nonspecific in appearance. Cysts within the lower pole of the left lobe of they thyroid.

what does this all mean?? I have not received a call from my Dr about these results so should I assume these are nothing to worry about?? I have no clue if I should be concerned or not. I do have a random choking feeling that comes and goes as well as 2 swollen lymph nodes on the cervical chain on the left side of my neck and a small one on the upper ride side of my my neck as well.

thanks for any information or help you can offer.
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The 12 mm nodule most likely will meet biopsy criteria due to its size but it does not shows increased blood flow (doppler flow) which reduces the degree of suspicion. The hypoechoic nodule is small therefore it must be watched. the cyst may be aspirated as well.
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thank you for responding...I wish I understood this stuff.  I have not heard from my dr about these results so I imagine she is unconcerned.  Would these lumpy bumps cause the choking feeling I get? and what does it mean that my isthmus is at the upper limits of normal thickness?? would that be causing the choking feeling?? I just wish I could make some sense of it all. thanks for your help:)
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The nodule may be causing the choking feeling...I had a choking feeling when I had my thyroid, I had four nodules, I would swallow a bite of food, it would get stuck in my throat and I would get rapid hiccups until I washed it down with water.  If I drank milk it would bubble up and I would feel like throwing up.  After my TT I did not have that trouble.  You might also check to see if your choking feeling is GERD (gastro esophogeal reflux disease).  You can check this without a doctor by getting Prilosec over the counter, take one in the morning 1/2 hour prior to eating and one in the evening prior to dinner for two weeks.  If it gets better, than you have GERD.
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