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very painful lump on neck

hello, i have had a lump(marble size) on my neck(left side directly below my jawline) and has been there for over 5 years now. Recently it has become extremly painful at times and appears to be getting slightly larger when irritated. 5 years back i was appox 250lbs when i first noticed the lump...now im 150. Over the last 5 years i have developed a major sleeping problem. I can be up for 20-30hrs before needing rest. I have very limited energy and feel constantly weak. Also my appetite is gone. Im lucky to eat 1 meal a day. After reading numerous posts, ive noticed i have many similiar systems of Lymphoma. Im not jumping to conclusions but very worried.. my body has gone thru several changes since first noticing the lump...appox 3 weeks back i got very ill, ER doc told me it was the flu yet no one in my home was sick and rarly leave the house....as of 2 days ago, im getting a very intense pain from the lump along with constant headaches and a minor flu like feeling. To be honest, i smoke marijuana daily, have done so for several years now...even with the marijuana, it does not ever increase my appetite. I also use it as a sleep aid on those hard to rest nights. The lump tends to hurt twice as bad if I turn my head to the right..also my head and neck feel warm as if a slight fever has set in..Im taking left over ibprofen 800mg thinking it may reduce the swelling. Has not done so. Alveave also has no effect on the pain. The more I think, the more worried I become. Also im noticing constant mucus in my lungs( i also had both lungs collapse last year so that may not be envolved with the lump)...i have tried to squeeze it thinking maybe it was a "boil"...nothing came out. I also have a reoccuring boil on my lower back which does burst if squeezed containing a blood/puss type substance..a rare reoccuring boil in my groin area aswell sinilair to the one on my back..comes and goes. But my neck lump has never shrunk. So my main question is..."what exactly can cause this? is it possibly cancer? can it be removed? is it potentionally life threatening? and can it cause all my fatigue, sleep issues appetite ect? thank you very much for your time...again this has been there for well over 4-5 years
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You need to see a Doctor and ask for an ultrasound to be done.
Also ask your Doctor to do a thyroid function test.

Ft3, Ft3 and TSH and also Graves and Hashimoto Autoimmune Disease antibody testing to rule out thyroid issues.
As for the boils,.......get your Doctor to check your BSL (blood sugar levels ) for Diabetes.
Hope that helps.
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Hello, thank you very much. I intend to see a doctor over the next few days. Ill write down the info you shared and relay it to the Doctor. Thanks again
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Ive had a lump about an inch under my right ear behind my jaw for 5 years,at first it didnt hurt but as time went on it hurts pretty bad.i ha ve a high pain levle and will stop me in my tracks.2 years ago I noticed the right side of my throat stopped working.i now have min. Saliva and front teeth are rotting out.been to countless dr mri ct... I pop ibprofin like a junky abd have no appitie hard time sleeping... Was told the lump is on or bear carodis artery and the ent wont do fna ,,sure I forgot something ,they said I had bellspalsy 4years ago
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Also im now 35 soon to be 36 in two weeks I also got fasial nerves going crazy in the right side of my face,hard time swallowing and abdominal pain the pain has started on the other side of face in same location and under my chin down to my cooler bone area,last april 2011 my nuroligist passed me off saying he felt I had lymphoma,father of 4 kis 2 _14 could use a lil help here thanx
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