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vitamin question

Hi all.
I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.

Here's my question. . .

I'm trying to improve my health overall, and am taking vitamin supplements & just want to check in with those of you here who are supplement takers. . .

This is what I am taking:

~ calcium/magnesium (3 pills = 1000mg calcium, 500 mg magnesium)
       *each pill taken spaced throughout the day
~vitamin d 400 iu taken twice a day (with the am and pm cal/mag pill)
~multi vitamin (I take this at dinner w/ evening cal/mag pill) w/
       *400 iu vit. d,
       *2,500 iu vit. A  (50%)
       *100% RDA of C, E, K, Folic Acid, Iron, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Manganese
       *125% RDA of B1, B2, Niacin, B6, B12, Pantothenic Acid,
       *20% RDA Calcium
       *13% RDA Magnesium

So, all in all, I'm taking ~1200 iu VItamin D
                                  ~1200mg Calcium
                                  ~other vitamins

Do you think this is too much D?  I've read a lot about D lately and want to make sure that I am taking enough, but not overdoing it. . .I don't get a whole lot of natural light (dark when i leave for work, dark when i get home, no windows at work etc)

what do you take?  how/when do you take your supplements?

I also take .137 synthroid in the am because of a TT for Graves Disease
(all my supplements are spaced out 4 hours or more from the synthroid)
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Your Vit D is actually on the low side. Especially since you don't get much natural sunlight. 2000 iu is usually the start dose if you don't get much sun.
  It also depends on what your pathology shows too. If you are in the normal range for Vit D then the dose you take is probably enough. If your calcium is down you might want to increase the Vit D.
The calcium dose is what is classed as normal.
Your vitamins in general seem to be a good mix and should cover you pretty well.
You should always split the calcium in morning and night, yes, the timing is important and yours is good.
  Do you also take any iron supplements? Have you had those levels checked too? Never any harm for a woman to take iron supplements.
Now what I take is

5 x 600 mg calcium daily   (contains magnesium) split through out the day
100 mcgs Oroxine (thyroid replacement medication here in Australia)
1 10mg anti-cholesterol morning.
1 30ml iron supplement
I Co-enzyme Q10 to counterbalance the anti-cholesterol tablet.
2 multi vitamins
2 evening primrose oil

so they are spaced out as best I can with the hours I have in a day!
I was very low on Vit D and also very low on calcium even with supplements...we think one or two of my parathyroids might have taken a walk when I had the total thyroidectomy, but I was always low before then so who knows!

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Thanks so much for the input. . .

I'm definitely going to check on my vit. D levels. . .when I first had my TT, my calcium was way low and I ended up back in the hospital for a week on a drip. . .over the course of several weeks, and massive doses of calcium and calcitriol, we think the parathyroids have kicked back in & I was weaned off of the calcitriol and much of the calcium. . .I go for another calcium test in about 2 weeks and see my endo again in 3 weeks. . .I think I'll ask him to run my vit. d as well as my iron.
I don't take an additional iron other than what is in my multi-vitamin. . .so I'll check on that too.

I've read a lot about the Co-enzyme Q10 and was thinking of adding that too, as well as a fish oil supplement. . .
What do you take the primrose oil for?

thanks again!!
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1 more question:

What type of magnesium do you take?  Oxide, Citrate or some other type. . .I've read comflicting reports about absorbablilty.

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I have high cholesterol and can't go back to my statin drug, Lipitor because my liver enzymes are elevated and the Lipitor will just make it higher. Have been taking Co-enzyme Q10. How does the Q10 counter balance a cholesterol tablet?  Also, how much Q10 should I be taking?        

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I take about the same vitamins/dosages, except that I didn't realize that that much vit D is required - but then most of my work is outside so I get several hours of sunshine most days.  I also take 1000 mcg B-12 injection every 2 weeks for pernicious anemia; 75 mcg synthroid daily; 10 mg benazepril daily for high blood pressure and 20 mg aciphex daily for severe acid reflux.  I've been taking CoQ10 also (200 mg/daily) in an effort to bring my cholesterol levels down (they've come down almost 1/2 what they were since June but my dr puts that down to the fact that I started on the synthroid then), along with 1000 mg Omega 3 fish oil (DHA/EPA).  I don't take additional iron because my levels have been coming back normal.

The biggest problem I find is that I take my synthroid at 3:30 am and leave for work before 5:00 am, so unless I carry the calcium, etc with me every day, it's really hard to get the dosages worked into my schedule while keeping the 4 hours between the calcium and synthroid.  

I've read many articles that say the citrate form of calcium, magnesium, etc is much easier for the body to absorb.  I think it's rather controversial though so don't know for sure.  
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I would recommend asking your doctor about vitamin testing. This will help you determine where to supplement. My blood was sent to this company for vitamin deficiency analysis. http://spectracell.com/

About vitamin d. I take 5400 IU daily.

B12 in a pill is rarely going to help. If you have a deficiency you should look at injections because they are readily absorbed. Doing injections yourself isn't too bad.
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