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Hello,  I really want to grow my hair long but I don't want to take any vitamin supplements orally because of fear of side effects.  I purchased biotin 5000mg,  nacin,  msm 1000mg, vitamin E oil and 8 oz of coconut oil.  I grounded each tablets and mixed it with coconut oil. I apply this mixer on my scalp once a week.  My question is am I being smart?  What are the side effects of applying this supplements directly on my scalp?  Should I be careful about using msm or nacin on my scalp?  What should I know before i continue to use this self made hair growth mixer? Thank you.
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This is a thyroid forum; are you asking your questions in relation to a thyroid condition?  

Coconut oil and vitamin E are good for your hair and skin and I don't know of any adverse effects, since they are both used in many shampoos and hair care products.  

I'd strongly recommend that you do more research and/or talk to your doctor or dermatologist before mixing your own products...
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