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weight loss escapes me

what the heck is wrong with me?

TSH 2.1
T4 1.1
TgAB 20.0
Thyroid perox 10.0

and possible goiter

the story---
so since the only think that is not going right in my current life is my weight, i once again woke up this morning showered and got on the internets to investigate.  I started to go back to when i feel my body "broke".  see when i was 23, i feel like it did break and never recovered.  i would go up and down in weight from week to week like a 7 lbs swing.  then it just stopped loosing and started gaining.  the only time ever lost weight is when i took Stakers 2 for a summer.  but even that stopped working.  i was doing all this while working 3 jobs, covering summer band and band camp and holding down a boyfriend.

anyway--i started thinking about what type of drugs i was prescribed.  i have been taking effexor for about 3 years now and i just started to take remeral a night to keep my anxiety in check.  but before, about the time my body broke, i started taking Prozac and then i was switched to Zoloft.  so i've beel looking at those drugs and notice they could have an affect on thyroid function.  still digging but i might have found a thread on what happened to me.

i'm cold and tired all the time.  i wear 2 blankets at work. i'm not as mentally crisp as i used to be and the depression and anxiety are getting worse but are under  control with medication. i have dry skin and hair, i get nubmess in my hands, and then there is my weight creeping up.

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Doesn't look like it's your thyroid, as I can see you measured free T4, what about free T3?, Have you done a full blood test, C reactive protein, cortisol in the morning, hemoglobin, ferritin, etc, If you think you have a goiter you should do an ultrasound of your thyroid.
Who is treating you? you're having so many anti-depressants....
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Anti-depressants are known to cause weight gain.

You can try looking into that.

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also have had thyroid ultrasound and have nodules.

as for the T4, i thought  4.5 to 11  was normal for an adult.  1.1 seems low to me.  i have had a cortisol check and although i have not seen the results the doctor that i fired said that it was fine.

my ferratin is 13.5 i just got that handled with the hemotologist as it was low and i had to get the iron thru IV.

as for the goiter, when i went to see my last endo for the second time, she wasn't there but her RN was.  so she asked me if the dr ever talked to me about a goiter because of the fullness of my thyroid.  i said no.  the endo didn't follow up on the next appointment.
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antidepressants do cause weight gain but you can loose weight by eating 6 small meals a day protien and a carb. Cut out sodas and sugar These 2 are notorious for aggravating depression.
Exercise at least 30 min a day even if it is just a brisk walk. It will help to elevate your mood and control your weight.
I have lost 46 pounds by doing this and I take zyprexa and celexa for bi polar . these 2 are the worst for weight gain.
Love Venora
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Free T4 of 1.1 is normal, are sure they measured free T4? where did you got those values (4.5-11)?

Ferritin is your iron storage, 13 is low for a man, but how is your Hb levels (hemoglobin), RBC count?
If you have nodules, multiple nodules are better then having only one (one is always suspect), so you must talk to the ENDO (if they measure more then 1 cm). Most of your symptoms (not the weight) probably are related to anemia. You must explore that, why you have anemia? (not frequent in men) you must ask the doctor for a full blood count, blood smear, transferrin, reticulocyte count, folic acid, vit B12, iron level, billirubin.
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