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weight loss

my labs are perfect and i feel great (no thyroid) yet the weight will not move! i exercise and even drink green (wheat grass) smoothies. please please advise what is wrong here? i would hate to have to get the vsg over this!
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Congrats on your labs. That's much more important that body weight.
There seems to be no easy solution to weight loss. You probably already know all the standard dietary approaches, from low-carb to low-fat to low-cal, and have tried each.

The best option is to do more of the same, that is to say more exercise and less eating, while recognizing that the weight loss may go more slowly than you'd like. Tracking your calorie intake and exercise may help, too.
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Could you post your labs, please?  Maybe they aren't as perfect as you think. Please be sure to include the reference ranges, which vary lab to lab and must come from your own report.

Aside from that, Narble is right.  For some reason, weight loss seems to be more difficult for those of us with thyroid issues than it is for others. I'm running into some of the same issues.
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I am working hard on my diet to lose weigh! I gained at least 30 lbs when very hypo.
Now I work towards losing 1/2 pound a week....slow but steady is what is happening with me.
Just hang in there and if it only 1/2 pound a week, at least it is in the right direction. I have now lost up to 8 lbs and hope to keep going down.

Just know that you are not alone with this. And when your body becomes more balanced and you feel good, it seems that you can keep the focus better with discipline of your routines!
Good Luck!!!
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