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weight loss

i had a TSH test and the results cam back "normal" it was in the 3.0 to 4.0 range but i am still struggling with fatigue, lack of appetite, really dry skin. I also am working out 30-50 minutes about 5 times a week. i am not loosing weight at all. although i am loosing inches. i have actually lost about 9 inches around my body but only 5 lbs. I know that muscle replaces fat, but when i first started working out i gain 20 lbs of "muscle", i have also found that when i drink a good recommended amount of water, i will gain about 5 lbs and not loose it until i stop drinking water all together. I know i have hypothyroidism but could this be more than my thyroid?
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Your on the right track!  When you tone muscle it becomes a heavy mass, heavier than fat, therefore you will weight more but as you said losing inches. This is totally normal and healthy! Im a qualified personal trainer and what you described there is totally normal, your losing weight in a healthy manner which is hard to do so fair play to you, keep it up! The thyroid will set you back and losing weight will take longer! If you are worried and need any advice you can PM me!
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While your TSH is in the 3-4 range, it will be hard for you to lose the weight.
Once it goes down a little, then your weight will stabalise and thats when you may see some changes.
Good luck.
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Your TSH seems to be maybe "high normal" - what was the lab range?.  Were there any other tests run such as Free T4 or Free T3?  If so, what were the results, along with the lab ranges?  Are you currently on thyroid med?  
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Muscle does not replace fat Fat is fat and muscle is muscle . you can exercise to strenghten the muscle and loose the fat but one does not turn into the other.
6 small meals a day .A carb and a protien. No sodas and sugar.
I have lost 46 pounds this way.
Love Venora
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