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what is wrong with me ?

female , 24 years of age, suffering from fatigue, horrible night sweats that stop me from sleeping, hair loss, general all over but more on top, ( male pattern) though not receding , weight gain, have been on Jenny Craig and followed to a "T"
and losing nothing. headaches, crippling stomach cramps, nausea & vomiting , unruly periods - heavy and all over the place regardless that I am on the pill,  Dr, has done some tests but says nothing stands out.  
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Thanks , I am picking up the report tomorrow, will come back to you with that. Cheers
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See if you can get some copies of your labs .. and post the results of your TSH, etc. That is always good to get copies and take them with you for a 2nd opinon.  I'm sorry this is happening to you and must be very frustrating.

Others will jump in on the thread I'm sure, but wanted to say hello and welcome!

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