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what next?

I went in for post op yesterday for my lobectomy and my surgeon told me "there were no frank signs of cancer but there were several areas where pre-cancerous cells were present"  She did not have the pathology report with her for me to look at (weird?) so I'm not sure exactly what pre-cancerous cells were found.  On my initial US I had a "4x4x5 mm partially cystic nodule with internal debris" on my right lobe that was never biopsied or discussed because I had a 7 cm nodule on my left side.  Now I'm wondering what course of action I should take to keep an eye on this smaller nodule.  The surgeon (ENT) suggested I get a follow up ultrasound every 12 months to check for growth.  Now I'm no doctor so I have no idea how fast cancer cells or pre-cancer cells grow but seems like I should be checking it more often... what do you think?  If cancer cells were starting to brew on one side what does that mean for the other side?

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I scanned down through the posts and thought that said "I went in for post op yesterday for my lobotomy".......that would be a whole different problem, wouldn't it?
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Hi Megan, I'm with you on this one. I had a TT on 11/16/07 and my Dr wants me back every 3 months. The papillary ca that they found was only 3 mm. Between my endo, my surgeon and my internist These guys are always checking me out. My interist is sending me far a thoracic cat scan in the morning. We found lumps in arm pit area. We have a pretty strong family history of differant cancers. By the way the cancer cells we found were on the side of my thyroid that they were going to leave in. They were not on the nodules that were giving me trouble. I am so glad I insisted they remove it all. Good luck and keep on your toes regarding your own care.
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Precancerous condition does not always mean it will turn to cancer; it also means the tissue is difficult to differentiate between cancerous and non-cancerous (example: follicular adenoma). If the small nodule will not grow within 12 months, most likely it is not cancerous.
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