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why does my endo say this canceres low grade

michelle here when i saw my endo he told me that all thyroid cancers are a low grade  ifmit was so low why on earth have rai he said i was alrady cured well its still cancer i had and cancers cancer all just the same i liked him only for a minute he was kind of quick and not very thourough theres this ner study about papcancer  saying studies for reaccurances are very low and only 1 3rd will have a reaccurance or die from it but its far and few between a very high mortality rate and cure rate meaning people will be cured 40 years to 50 years after operation not needing any rai at all
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it is tough . tough to decide when our own professionals give us such varied advice.  When I made my final decision about having my other side out my opinions I got were varied.  And one must always keep in mind that STATS are STATS and somebody has to make up the % that is a negative STAT and what if that person is you?  That is how I look at it .... they tend to minimize the word Cancer.  Well, it isn't ok ... bcz I like you, feel cancer is cancer and it isn't in their body!

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I believe the answers all lie within the patient. I had so many doctors opionions of my nodule - I have not had surgery -

One even said to me. We'll it's the best cancer to have!!!....... Whay the heck does that mean?? and I laughed at him and said -- OK if it ws you - would you have that same attitude??

I walked out the door - cursing a few choice words - I suppose I am not welcome there anymore!!
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I think what they mean is it is a very treatable cancer with a generally excellent prognosis.  I had papillary thyroid cancer and a TT in 04.  I am likely to be cancer free now.  All it took was surgery and RAI.  The doctors are trying to make you feel better I think.  Lung cancers, for example, generally have a 15% survival rate - now that sucks.  In addition, spreading to the lymph nodes (happened to me) still keeps a good prognosis unlike most other cancers.  As for RAI, it is done to destroy all thyroid cells left after surgery.  I consider this important myself because what if one left behind is still cancerous?  Anyway hope that helps.
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I enjoyed all you intersting words on this topic!!!!  ALL of it is true! CANCER is cnacer it SUCKS BUT it is the best to have if you just gotta have it! HA HA HA. ME Papillary Carcinoma diagnoesed waht 4 days ago.. Hell lets just kick some cancer [email protected]#. YEE HAW!!
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yeah thanks for that it does help he says i dont have to see him any more but i guess it depends on my levels and my scan next week
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