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Anyone ever wonder why everyone has so many different symptoms for the same problems?  Doesn't make sense to me.  But not much does anymore.  Brain fog still pretty strong.  Along with stress.  LOL  Anyway does salt have anything to do with your thyroid?  I crave it all the time?  Why would my hands and feet tingle?  Does either one of these have to do with the thyroid?  
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Hi Jessi

When you have a moment check out adreanal fatigue.
Salt a sugar cravings  are both a part of adreanl fatigue.
Also, adreanal fatigue has a lot of the same symptoms
as hypo and hyperthyroid.

Usually, the will test for addison's and cushings diseases,
depending on your symptoms.

I don't know a lot about it, however, I have done a little reading on it.
I have even asked to be tested.   I was tested for cushings about
2-3 years ago. Everything was fine. This was all before the thyroid hell.

I have had some tingling in my hand/feet/arms, not sure why?

I have the brain fog, crying spells, anxiety, going crazy, except I gain weight
instead of losing weight and I'm suppose to be hyper... go figure.

Somethings just can't be put a square box with a bow.    It seems we have
to take the good with the bad, through it up in the air so that it can rain
down good feelings, tinhats and rocking chairs.

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My hands/feet/arms tingle when my thyroid is a hypo state...I also have brain fog, panic attacks,  feel like I am going to collapse and believe it or not loose weight...In the past six months I have gone from a size 6 to a size 2....I am on antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication which certain keeps me calmer and my dr. upgraded my synthroid to .175...I still do not feel better but at least I am not as anxious and can still work...I hope that helps...Mary
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Iodine is the problem with table salt - but more often if you have hypo thyroid eating  way to much shell fish can have a rough time on some people.

Most 3rd world countries suffer because there is no iodine in anything they eat. That is why Kelp (seaweed) is eaten in some countries. We have way to much here.

I really see alot of us suffer from very similiar symptoms -  everybody has a different build up - like said above. We need to find what are body is saying and make the changes accordingly.

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Your parathyroids need the thyroid hormone to work. They regulate the calcium in your blood. If you're too hypo your parathyroids aren't working right causing hypocalcemia. Symptoms include tingling in the hands and feet and around your mouth, It can cause muscle spasms and cramping.
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My tsh was low it was a 9.0. That is when I experienced the tingling.
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Thanks for the input.  I totally agree with the last paragraph, that is soooo true........  
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I think we have different symptoms with the different stages that we go through on the different levels of inactivity or over activity of the thyriod ie as it slowly dies or as it grows into a monster.  Having said that I also think that 1) it is hereditary ie defect in our manufacture 2) Lack of vitamins or minerals ie not eating the right foods or too much processed foods (nothing of nutritianal value left in them) because at the end of the day that is all our bodies need to repair itself.
Since doing research and a little trial and error on myself I have found that certain symptoms disappear when I have my blood samples done and find a deficiency ie iron, B's or D and they are replaced that some or all of the symptoms go away normally after 3-7 days depending on how long you have been deficient.
But if you have been deficient for a very long time the building blocks have crumbled and one problem ie low iron leads to another problem that then leads to another so that by the time you are diagnosed you not only have a number of physical problems you may also have a few mental problems.
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What do you mean by too low?
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There is something about salt but I am not sure what it is. I am hypo and had tingling feet and hands when I was too low. not sure why but just did.
hope that helps
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