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I am 24, 5'1", weigh 110lbs. and My Neck is Thick!

I didn't notice on my own, but about 5 years ago one of my husbands friends made a comment that my neck was fat. He laughed as my usband said "it's normal" as I looked at both in awe not knowing why both thought my neck was fat. When I got home I looked in the mirror and noticed that it was noticeably larger than normal, the bottom part close to my clavicles. Since then I try to hide it with my hair and never do I put it up in a ponytail at the risk of people noticing. A few months ago a coworker mentioned that I needed to get my neck checked for "a tumor" which scared me s**t less. at my last visit for my annual pap the doc told me to get checked for Thyroid disease because of my swollen neck, after asking about any weight issues for which I have non. When I told my mom, she told me she had the same thing happen with her neck when she was younger and that it went away on its own. What can I do as I find it really emberrassing to have a swollen neck?
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