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Thyroid Regenerated and repeat Hashimotos?

I am going to appologize for the length of this post right off the bat, but I need help and all the "ologists" are passing the buck. In 1994 I had a almost complete thyroidectomy, the surgeon left a tiny bit to eliminate the need of calcium therapy. In 1998 I was diagnosed with Fibro. Sometime in the late 90's or so they said I nolonger needed my thryroid pills as the tiny remnents of the gland were functioning! 2007 parathyroid tumor diagnosed after 3yrs of joint pain, heart palps, pvc's, dizzy spells, passing out, baance issues, nausea, benign, removed awesome! 2010 I went to the doctor with the same symptoms as the parathyroid ( could be thyroid too but honestly I had a 1yr old and don't remember my symptoms in 94) My Parathyroid levels were high, calcium borderline high, calcium very low and thyroid high. At that time I was placed on thyroid meds and all other symptoms dismissed as fibro. Early 2011 I returned to the doctor as the exorcist, I was foul to say the least as I was frustrated and in so much pain. Again, Fibro was the diagnosis and I was given Gabapentine for Fibro... nice releif to an extent for pain/swelling/restless leg and mego does of vit d for 8wks. June 2011 finally got in to the Endocrine doc who upped the thyroid meds, added mego vitamin d for 8wks and then continuing vit d daily. I have completed 4 mego does of vit d 50,000 iu weekly for 8wks each time with ongoing 2000 iu daily. my vit d is at 30 finally but i have to maintain the daily vit d. In early 2012 I discovered a thyroid nodule, had ultrasounf with led to the FNA with benign results and a wait and see answer.  March 2012 found a thyroid nodule ultrasoung led to benign FNA with a wait and see approach... May of this year I went to the doc again as the exorcist and my gabapentine was doubled, no other changes. Since then my symptoms continue to get worst: light headed,dizzy, heart palps, pain head to toe, shakes, unexplained fever, choking sensation esp with liquids, shortness of breath (extreme), double vision... I am so frustrated! Today went in because I have a very noticeably enlarged thyroid-- so not only did it grow back it functions and is enloarged to the point they think it is hashimotos again and will need surgery! (i had ladbs, manyh labs, drawn today and am awaiting the results) But my thyroid in march 2012 t4 was 2.23 which in 2011 when this started was 6.75. PLEASE HELP I will take any info suggestions anything!
I don't think these are related but I had a blood clot in dec 2011(DVT left calf which has now cleared) all cardio work ups incl cario cath show no heart disease as a cause for pvc etc I have been tested in last month for blood disorders none ms negative mri lupus low possitve result they consider to be negative- nothing makes sense.
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