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I was diagnosed 6 years ago with Hashimoto Thyroiditis.  My bloodlevels are w/i the range so my endocronologist declares me to be okay.   Through the following years I felt less and less okay with debilitating fatigue being one of the major symptoms.  About 1 year ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and peripheral neuropathy.
I am on Gabapentin, the antidepressant Citalepram and I take supplements.   My nervepains are getting worse, they are absolutely all over my body.  They are short and longer shooting pains, sometimes stabbing and burning. The crawling, creepy, shooting feelings drive me nuts.
I recently had a nerve conducting test done again, the neuropathy hasn't gotting much worse per the results. The neurologist doesnt think it is a neuromuscular disorder.   So what field of neurology would this indicate.
Needless to say that the worry and chronic conditions add to depression that sets in intermittently.
Does anybody have any similar problems, any ideas, any comments?
Any input would be very welcome.   Thank you in advance.
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I have alot of mood swings with my fibro or thyroid one. When I was on Cymbalta for my fibro it actually did really good controlling the depression too. (I had to switch to sevella because my fibro wasnt being controlled on cymbalta. I almost didnt make it through the first 2 weeks of the sevella it takes you through every emotion possible hour to hour. if it had not been for people on this site explaining if you can make it through the first 2 weeks I would have quit it. But no luck with it helping anything yet)  I get those tingling and stabbing pains with my fibro, seem like someone stabbes me with a big needla and other times I cannot stand for things, or people to touch my skin, its like it makes me angry. Sheets, socks, even my hair on my forehead. I wish I could have kept the Cymbalta just for the depression, But doc said I could not take both at same time.
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