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Thyroid Issues and Graves

Hey all, I am new to this forum.  I was diagnosed with Hyperactive thyroid and Graves 15 months ago when I ended up in the ER with Afib.  My TSH was .004  I had Radioactive Iodine 10 months ago and have been on different doses of generic synthroid.  Started with 75 then went to 112 then back to 100.  I was on the 100 for about 12 weeks and was feeling fairly good.  Then about 2 weeks ago I started having heart palp and feeling on edge, not sleeping etc.  Had blood work done and my TSH was >.01!  I called my endo and she told me to stop meds for 3 days then take 88mg 3 days a week and 100mg 4 days per week.  I took the 88mg in the morning and had heart palps that evening.  I called my endo the next day, and she told me to stop taking it for the next week and then to start 75mg on Monday.  I thought that the radioactive iodine killed my thyroid!  Was there just too much synthroid in my system?  Help!!  I feel like I am losing my mind!!!
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