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Five Year old son

I have a five year old son with high functioning autism.  I am concerned that he might have something more than that.  First I want to start out by saying that he is a very smart child. Here are his symptoms:

1. Yelling out or screaming out random stuff. Sometimes it's words like butt, booty.  Other times it's nonsense words. This can increase when we are out or sometimes there seems to be no reason for the increase.  Either way it is constant! HE REPEATS THE WORDS OVER AND OVER! like a broken record....
2. He will scream out at the top of his lungs out of nowhere.  A loud heart-stopping scream. He does that throughout the day.
3. He blinks his eyes while making a sound and shaking his head.
4. He hits himself in the head. Sometimes it is quite hard. He will say stop hitting me. But he is hitting himself.
5. He is constantly hitting me, his Dad, sister.
6. He has a need to squeeze soft things. We had to get rid of our dog because he almost squeeze the life out of her.
7. He doesn't like bright lights or certain smells.
8. He crashes and fall on the ground or bumps into me or the walls on purpose.
9. Fear/anxiety
10.sleep problems
11.If approached about something that he did wrong he becomes aggressive
12. Defiant/Aggressive
13. Extremely hyperactive
14. Doesn't listen/unable to focus at all
15. Chews his clothes to bits. will chew on other things also. He will ask for a washcloth to chew
16. Prefers to be at home

He has come a long way with therapy since he was 2 years old.  He wasn't talking for a long time and now has a very rich vocabulary.  He started out at the age of 3 in a public school autism classroom but after a year there he had improved 360.  The autism preschool class was no longer a fit for him.  This past school year he was in a inclusion preschool.  There were 3 teachers and out of 20 kids about 5 of them had IEPs. He went through ABA therapy, speech and Occupational therapy for about 2 years.  In the Fall he will have OT and a little bit of pull out help. He will be 90% mainstreamed in a regular kindergarten. This worries me. He has seen a group of specialist through the behavior clinic and they prescribed clonidine. The clonidine knocked him out in all forms (patch, pill and liquid).  His body metabolized it too fast and afterwards his behavior was so out of control. The most recent medicine was Tenex.  It was also a fail because it made him so tired, moody and more aggressive.

I am worried that with all these problems he is not going to do well in kindergarten. Besides the autism and sensory issues, what do you think my son has? Tourette's? What should I try to do to help him?
The truth is that I am exhausted. I have another question posted about my daughter who is also on the spectrum. I don't know what medicines to try or what other therapies to try.  Please reply. He is only five and I don't know how to help him.
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