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Tourette Syndrome Problem Solved

I'm not here to ask a question I already found my answer I like many have searched the web for help for this problem.  I was searching for my grandson His name is Anthony and he's 14 It all started about 4 years ago He would twitch and made many body movements that where uncontrollable.  As the years progressed it got worse.  As I was searching for help I came upon a web site that just overwhelmed me.  On this web site was a video. I was watching a young man with the same movements as Anthony.  This web site belongs to Dr Stack in Virginia I made a call to them to ask if they knew of anyone closer to us that did the same procedure Unfortunately there are only two doctors that done this and neither one was close to us.  After months of searching I came upon a doctor that was willing to try this.  Anthony has just had his 3rd appointment and I can't describe the improvement it has made in him.  Anthony is free of twitching.  I'm not here to advertise for anyone and I'm not saying it will work for everyone but at least give it a try.  Below I will put a link of a video that will amaze you.  I want to share this with anyone that has this problem I know this was a God sent answer.
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Glad you found a solution, how has everything been going forward?
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