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Tourette Syndrome

My son is 8 and within the last year I've notice some things that he repeats.  He started with (that i can remember being the "start" of it all) clearing his throat often, along the way he began blinking and as of now he does a jerking motion with his body.  Its not server but he says he cant stop it.  I dont think he's trying to get attention but I dont know what to do.  I'm worried that if I give him notice to what he does it may cause him to do it more or if it is the real thing.  
Any information would be helpful or who to talk to...
I live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area...
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My daughter does some of the same things.  Hers started at age 7 or 8.  Hers started with rapid eye blinking and neck twitching.  We took her to a neurologist and ruled out seizures.  Her tics will come and go with severity and changes.  Her newest tics are she rapidly shakes her head back and forth and snorts.  Her past tics have been shoulder shrugs, leg and arm twittching, belly twitching, etc.  At one point her tics were severe and her neuro put her on clonidine.  Her neuro thinks hers is transient tic syndrome.  I think they are tourettes.  We are currently investigating these things.  I also got her a therapist to help her deal with these things.  I also try not to bring attention to her tics.  It does look as if she does some of this on purpose but its not.  Stressful situations will make hers worse.  
Does your son have a neurologist?  Have you thought of taking him to one?   I hope all goes well with you.
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I am 37 have very bad Tourettes and can suggest a few things that may help.
First definitely find a good Neurologist, someone your son is happy with, it can be hard to discuss the tics and what is happening when you are young. Secondly please do not ever punish him for these Tics, if it is Tourettes he can not stop them. In time he may be able to control them but stress, tiredness, school and a  number of other situations can make them more frequent and stronger.
Third your son is normal, my parents refused to accept when I used to tell them I could not stop it and I was punished often and still the tics came. I have spoken with a few younger people with Tourettes and have found that being able to decribe what it feels like can help. I usually tell people who ask thatit is like having a bad itch, normal people scratch and the itch goes away. With Tourettes the itch may go but the urge to scratch builds up like water being poured into a bottle, when the bottle is full "Whoosh" out comes the water ie the tics.
The neurologist will ask how long the tics have been happening and if longer than a year or so dependant on severity he can answer the question.
People with Tourettes live normal lives and if there is any consolation most have above average intelligence (kind of a pay off).
There are no specific medications to "treat" Tourettes but there are some meds for other conditions that may assist with controlling the tics, check out everything before using it and give it time if your son does start a course of medication.
Tourettes does usually show signs between ages of 6 - 10 or in early adolescence and does sometimes begin with small coughs or throat clearing noises, twitches, gromaces of the face etc I am no doctor so would not suggest your son has Tourettes but it could be.
Take care and remember he is normal.
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My son is nine ive noticed he has what i think is facial tics he blinks and opens his eyes wide and mouth .... not all the time but ive noticed if he is watching tv at nite he can make small vocal sounds .... ive went to my doctor about this .... im just a bit anxious and worried  and advice please .... sharon
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