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Warning signs of compulsive disorder?

I've been having urges to do certain things, but not acting on the urges. For example, sometimes I have a sudden urge to start screaming, or making noises with my throat, but I catch myself and dismiss it. The other day when I was out with a group of friends, someone said something that started with a "buh" sound, and I repeated the sound "buh" about three times on impulse, then had the urge to keep saying it. The word kept repeating in my head over and over again, and it made me very nervous. I'm not very informed on Tourette Syndrome and I'm curious whether it could lie dormant in my body and start to develop as I become older? When I was younger I had 1 or 2 tics that I couldn't control, but as I've gotten older it's gotten less intense. I've suffered from depression for about 4 years now, and I'm having difficulty recovering. Could the constant stress bring this aspect in me out? Again, I'm not very educated on this subject, I'm trying to learn by asking questions.
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Tics can develop as u get older but are usualy present since a very young age ( as is your case) even if they go away for some time it is very common for them to come back. Stress can not create a tic but it can definitely bring it out . A lot of ppl with tic disorders experience a worsening of tics under stressful situations. I also am new at this so dont take what I write to seriously. It helps to do research.look it up a bunch:)
Lots of luck ...!
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