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help for hs teacher

Does anyone have recommendations of resources (books, movies, etc.) I can use to help HS students to be supportive and considerate and help a classmate with Tourette Syndrome feel comfortable in class?  I'm also interested in any suggestions teachers have used in their classes that may help from a teacher's perspective.
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Um i would say that the book Quit It Is good for maybe that kind of situation. Im not sure the authour but its about a girl who has Tourette Syndrome and she tries out for a school play but her "tics" get in the way but at the end everything goes well :)
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I have Tourette Syndrome. My first tics were at the age of 5. I kept on gulping, then it spread out to scrunching my nose, rolling my eyes, and jerking my neck and hitting my stomach. I really think you son has tourette syndrome. I would take him to the neuro. Some children are diagnosed as early a 2 years old. I was diagnosed when I was 13, because of some issues are family had, we couldn't go earlier. The ealier you catch the TS the more help you can get, the more help you can get the more you can work with the tics.
here is a web site I made: isthistourette.web.com
and my youtube is: youtube.com/user/isthistourettes
they both have info about my tics and on youtube you can see them!!
good luck!!

My website has a whole teachers page!! with books you can read and movies you can watch about tourette syndrome!!
it also has some stratigies that have helped me deal with my tourette and teacher stratigies that helped me alot!!!!
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